What dreams of the funeral of a loved one. What does it mean to see your own funeral in a dream

Recently, people have increasingly begun to turn to dream books to interpret this or that dream. In this review, we will try to consider one of the possible night visions. Let's talk about what the funeral dreams about.

What does this dream foretell?

If you had a funeral dream, it means that you need to prepare for change. Such a dream implies a huge number of interpretations. And the most popular of them concern the revaluation of value, new events that will take place in life. However, everything new will be aimed at the successful resolution of problem situations. It should be understood that much will depend on the personality of the person and on the spiritual state in which he is at the time when he had a dream.

Decide who is buried

What dreams of the funeral of the deceased? This vision foreshadows the deliverance from a variety of adversities in the near future. Personal life after such a dream will become more intense, as the partner will begin to pay you more attention. All difficulties in the material sphere should also disappear.

What dreams of a relative's funeral? Such a symbol is favorable to almost everyone. It implies healing. Men will start making profits, and women will gain success. To the girls in the near future can woo.

What dreams of the funeral of a man who is still alive? Expect losses. However, it is not necessary to get upset because they will be insignificant. Maybe a thing will be stolen from you that is not too expensive. No need to regret the fact that lost. Perhaps this will free you in the future from the burden of unhappiness, ward off the misfortune that can happen to the whole family.

what is the funeral dream about


There are a few more examples of what the funeral dreams about. In this case, special attention should be paid to trifles. So:

1. The rich mourning procession symbolizes quick sorrow.

2. Poor burial, on the contrary, promises happiness, which will surely happen soon.

3If you dream that you just participate in the funeral procession, then you should be invited to a wedding celebration.

4. In the event that in a dream you heard the funeral, you can get the news of the death of a person who is not related to you.

5. What dreams of someone else's funeral? If you just look at them from the side, then soon you will be happy, as a loved one comes.

6. If you are in a dream of condolences, because you have lost someone from your loved ones, then a magnificent feast awaits you.

7. If you are crying at a funeral, wait soon for great luck.

8. Why dream of your own funeral? The answer is somewhat unexpected - you should prepare for a dizzying success.

9. Young girls usually see such a dream in case they get ready for their wedding.

10. If you saw a hearse in a dream, then you should expect separation from your close people. Soon you will have to go very far.

11. What are the dreams of a child’s funeral? If it is yours, then it symbolizes health and well-being. If you are dreaming about the funeral of a kid's friends, this is a bad sign for the family whose child died (in a dream).

12. If it is necessary to bury a pet, then this indicates changes in the weather.

13.Hearing a death knell in a dream means the possible illness of those people whom you saw not so long ago.

14. To beat in a dream in a bell is a bad sign. It symbolizes an accident. If trips were planned, it is better to abandon them. Before the new moon to get behind the wheel should not be. The baptized should order sorokousta for health in seven churches. If you are unbaptized, then it is necessary to pour salt near the threshold. Thus, you protect yourself and your family from ailments.

15. If in a dream a sick person beats the bell, it symbolizes his own death.

what dreams of own funeral

Dark dream does not always carry only bad

But you can find other interpretations. So why the funeral? Agree that a dark dream, in which you just looked out the window and saw the funeral procession, does not add positive emotions the next day.

In the event that you saw a funeral in a dream, you should not take them seriously. So, if you lost someone from your relatives, and it was a bright and lovely day outside, then this indicates good health for close people. It is even possible to marry, which will be quite successful. However, if during the funeral procession it rains, then you can expect illness and not very pleasant news. Things will soon leave much to be desired.

You can expect bad news and happy events.

What dreams of someone else's funeral? If a person is completely unfamiliar to you, then we should expect complications in relations with people. Such problems will be unexpected for you. If you have buried your child, nothing bad will happen in your family. However, relationships with friends will be broken. The funeral ringing in a dream does not bode well. It is worth waiting for the sad news. That person who is far away from you can get sick. If in a dream you ring the bell yourself, then in this way you foretell the onset of illnesses and setbacks.

If you see a funeral procession, then this suggests that you should expect sad news. Did you see a torchlight procession in your dream and even take part in it? So, in real life, you are waiting for fun. However, you should behave with increased caution, since such fun can compromise you and your achievements.

what are the funeral dreams of

Sad symbol

What dreams of the funeral of a friend? Quite a sad sign, both for sleep and for reality. In the near future we should expect diseases from friends or relatives, which can lead to death.This mainly concerns rich relatives. If you have seen how to bury a stranger to you, this may portend a quick wedding. In many cases, the procession to the cemetery can talk about unhappy marriages and the illnesses of children.

What to expect if you had a dream like this?

It is worth summing up and talk about those characters that are hidden in such dreams.

1. A person who is buried will live a long life.

2. A sunny day at a funeral is an auspicious sign that speaks of health for loved ones. A person will be waiting for soon happiness. Bad weather symbolizes illness and not-so-good news. In matters of decline is possible.

3. A dream can be said about unexpected complications in relation to a family, in which you are simply present at the funeral of a person who is completely unfamiliar to you.

4. The death of a child is health and peace for you, problems for friends.

5. Ringing the bells in a dream marks the sad news. A person who is absent may get sick. Independently ring the bell - herald trouble.

What dreams of the grandmother's funeral? In most cases, such a dream is positive. And it leads to a happy life.No need to escalate the panic after such a dream.

what dreams of grandmother's funeral

And if in a dream you saw a coffin?

What can the coffin dream about? This item is always associated with death. However, do not take everything so literally. In many cases, the coffin in a dream symbolizes completely different events. If it is empty, then you can be sure that you will live a long life. And your health will be strong.

In the event that you purchase a coffin or are simply present in the place where they are made, then in reality you will have real estate. Variety in the interpretation of dreams of this kind can be confusing. Therefore, it is necessary to rather carefully analyze your dream, pay attention to the presence of people in it and significant, and sometimes absolutely insignificant, it would seem, moments. If everything is reproduced with high accuracy, then the interpretation can be more detailed and correct.

what dreams of funeral coffins

If the coffin is not empty

Why dream of your own funeral? If you see yourself in a coffin, then it is worth waiting for problems to arise in the near future, which will be impossible to get rid of. Cases of this kind will need to be solved on their own, as outsiders will not be able to help.An unfamiliar person lying in a coffin symbolizes a quick misfortune that will pass you by. Most likely, you will try to harm. However, the plan of the opponents will not be realized.

About health says sleep with an empty coffin. The subconscious mind can thus communicate that you have a lot of strength. You can do ambitious things.

A simple coffin made of ordinary wood suggests that your current life suits you completely. If the funeral attribute is decorated with velvet, made of mahogany, this suggests that you are not satisfied with the financial situation. And in business you will fail.

If you are lying in a coffin, expect an early accident or illness. It is necessary to go for a consultation to the doctors in the event that something bothers you. No need to treat your health carelessly. Otherwise, everything can end up pretty sad.

what dreams of the funeral of a child

What does Russian dream book say?

Why dream of coffins? The funeral in this situation symbolizes the speedy separation. If you dig in a coffin, then in real life you can quarrel with your loved one. At work, you will be expected to face problems that may have caused you to be fired.

If you make a coffin yourself, it symbolizes that you find and create problems for yourself.

What is Freud talking about?

If a woman is in the coffin, then such a dream may foreshadow a separation for a man. However, the terrible should not be feared. It only says that your feelings have disappeared. And it happened a long time ago, but you didn’t want to take it.

If in a dream you saw an empty tomb, it means spiritual emptiness. Perhaps you have experienced separation, which is quite strongly reflected in your state of mind.

What does Shuvalov say about the dream?

If in a dream you are lying in a coffin, expect serious problems. In the future, parting with a loved one or any difficulties at work is possible. Health will deteriorate. This can only last for a few months. Try to decide what is dear to you. This is what should be given special attention. You do not have to chase after all your affairs, since you can lose everything.

what is the person's funeral dream

What did maya say?

An empty coffin signifies evading the problems of the real world. If you saw the funeral, it means that the envious has become more, and they have a huge impact on your actions.If you are lying in a coffin, then expect immediate problems, which will not be easy to handle.

What does the English dream book say?

If you acquire a coffin or construct it yourself in a dream, then this may mean that you have prepared quite seriously for future problems. If you dig a grave, bury a coffin, or just see a funeral, it promises some kind of loss. And perhaps you will part with many problems.

The coffin doesn't always foreshadow bad news.

what dreams of a relative's funeral

A dream in which you saw such a sad sign does not always tell about the upcoming troubles. However, before you do something after such a vision, you need to carefully interpret it. People, actions, additional elements - all this can play a crucial role. Do not lose sight of any little thing.


Do not expect problems if you saw a funeral in a dream. Just remember all the details, and then correctly "sort through" a similar dream. Perhaps nothing bad will happen. In the near future, you can only expect many pleasures. In this review, we have discussed in detail what a dream in which a funeral was meant to mean. Hopefully this will help you understand what this vision carries.

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