What is a flash?

In our time in Russian appeared verymany borrowed words that came to us, because their counterparts are not in our language. In addition, with the emergence and development of computer technology, new different terms began to appear. This is also happening in other areas of our life, when something new appears due to progress. For example, the word "flash" came into our language relatively recently and that is why not everyone understands what a "flash" is.

Let's consider this issue in more detail.

Flash - the name of a famous person

There are several famous personalities who bear the name "Flash"

  • Today, TV shows many differentserials, including superheroes from comics. One of these superheroes is Flash, which has the ability to move faster than the speed of light;
  • Unlike comic superheroes, the Austrian swordsman Siegfried Flush exists in reality. He won several awards at competitions and even the Olympics;
  • In the musical circles, the Austrian-German violinist Karl Flash is widely known, who was also an excellent music teacher.

This name is not very common, but still occurs among famous personalities.

Flash memory

Indicates the technology of data storage, but in everyday life it is used to refer to a flash drive or other media.

Other meanings of the word "flash"

The word also has several not very common meanings

  • Flash is called a commune in Switzerland;
  • Flash mob is called social activity, where many people participate simultaneously;
  • Flashback and flash-forward are called deviation from the main plot in films, serials or books into the past or the future, respectively.

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