What is a steak, how to cook it?

Many people love meat. Therefore, this product is extremely relevant. For example, you can take a steak. What is hiding under this name? Simply put, this is a piece of meat, fish. It can be cooked in a pan and on a baking sheet, and many housewives combine these two methods.

There are a lot of recipes. Everyone will find an option to your taste. It is also worth thinking about choosing a sauce or a side dish for meat. Simple cream options are great, for example, with pepper. And as an accompaniment to a hearty meal, you can choose just vegetables - both fresh and stewed.

The history of steaks. Where does the name come from?

What is steak? Translated from English, this word means "piece." This is what distinguishes this meat dish from others. For cooking fish or meat fillet is not crushed. Cooking methods are different, but all use spices.

Appeared this dish in ancient Rome. At that time, the meat of cows was not particularly appreciated, they were slaughtered already in extremely old age, trying to appease the gods.Therefore, pieces of carcass were fried in a lattice, near the altar, and then sacrificed.

steak cooking

What meat is suitable?

Before you learn how to cook a steak, you should understand what kind of meat you need. For example, fresh - not suitable, although it is an excellent option for other meat dishes.

The product intended for steaks must be aged, and there are two types of exposure - dry and wet. At the first carcass hung out and left for two weeks at least. With this method, the meat turns fragrant, but loses a third of its weight. The wet method involves placing the meat in vacuum packages. Weight is not lost, and the finished dish turns juicy.

Juicy beef steak

Not everyone understands that such a steak made from calf meat is the standard of the kitchen. If the technology is not followed, the dish is dry. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor the meat so that it does not overcook.

For the recipe you need to take:

  • 700 grams of the back of the calf;
  • 20 grams of wheat flour;
  • salt to taste;
  • butter - ten grams;
  • lard - 40 grams.

To begin with, the meat is cut along the fibers into small pieces.Now you need to beat off, better through a damp cloth. Strong zeal is not worth it. Then you can trim the pieces, give them shape.

Beef steak is prepared in a pan, so lard is first heated. You can also use any fat. In the most extreme case, suitable creamy or vegetable oil, but odorless. However, then there is a chance that the finished piece will be overdried, will not get such juiciness.

Meat is sprinkled with flour and salt. Now you can fry the steak in a pan. Many people like the recipe for fast cooking. Once a crust has formed, you can remove the product. Now put butter on each piece and put it in the oven for a couple of minutes. Serve preferably immediately after cooking. Best of all, the finished dish is combined with sweet sauces.

steak sliced

Lamb steaks

Many do not understand the taste of such meat as lamb. But often this happens for the reason that they simply do not know how to cook. Not everyone knows that such a steak practically has no unpleasant smell inherent in this type of meat. It's all about seasoning.

For cooking you need the following ingredients;

  • 700 grams of meat fillet, better back;
  • cumin - a couple of teaspoons;
  • two cloves of garlic;
  • salt to taste;
  • 50 grams of fat;
  • 20 grams of flour.

In many ways, the preparation is similar to the previous recipe, but there are also distinctive features.

rosemary meat

How to cook a delicious lamb dish?

To begin with, the meat is cut into pieces, you should have four or five slices. Now it is necessary to repel them, again, through a damp napkin. The pieces are left on the board for at least an hour.

At this time, you need to mix the salt, cumin and garlic. The use of cumin helps reduce the aroma of meat. Garlic has the same property. By the way, when cooking any fatty meat, you can use this spice.

Before frying, roll the pieces in an aromatic mixture, as well as in flour. Now, the fat is melted in a frying pan, and the steak is fried on both sides. The meat inside will be pink, and the outside will have a pleasant crust for the eyes. For such a dish usually serves green vegetables, cabbage, lettuce, fresh cucumbers.

steak garnish

Steak. Recipe with photos

To prepare such a dish you need to stock up on the following products:

  • two pieces of fillet 300 grams;
  • salt and black pepper;
  • olive oil, it is better if it is in a special culinary spray.

First, you should get the meat from the fridge itself, it should get the room temperature. It takes about an hour. Since this steak recipe is made in the oven, the last one must first be heated to two hundred degrees.

The meat itself is sprinkled with salt and pepper, lightly sprinkled with olive oil. Now the pan is being heated up and first the pieces are fried over high heat for about a minute on each side. This will help the steak juice not to flow out during cooking. Now you need to put the meat in the oven. After five minutes, you can check the temperature. Here a special thermometer for meat helps a lot. With readings of 55 degrees, the product will be medium fry. Before serving, steak is best held on the board for about four minutes.

steak with salt

Rosemary steak. Ingredients. Dishes

In order to cook the steak according to the recipe below, you need the following ingredients:

  • Meat,
  • vegetable oil;
  • salt and ground black pepper;
  • some dried rosemary.

The most important thing is a frying pan with a thick bottom. If you choose the usual, then the meat will stew, and not fry, which spoils the very idea of ​​the dish.You can also purchase a special ready-made spice mix for steaks in advance. However, you can refuse them, because the meat goes well just with salt and black pepper.

Cooking Beef

Now you can get the meat, blotted with a napkin to remove excess moisture. It is also worth simply putting it on the board, slightly pressing it with your hand. It is better to first give him a breath about half an hour.

Now it is necessary to lubricate the piece on both sides with a very small amount of vegetable oil. Many cooks recommend using olive oil. Now you also need to sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Frying pan in a dry form, without oil, is heated to the maximum. The future steak is dipped into it. On each side, the piece is fried for about four minutes. If desired, you can reduce the time to two, then the inside of the meat will be almost raw.

When turning the meat is sprinkled with rosemary, the spice will quickly give up its flavor. The finished dish is shifted to a warm plate. If desired, you can sprinkle it with pepper at this stage, then the taste of the spice will be more pronounced, but it depends only on personal preferences.

steak with side dish

Great steak sauces

Tasty meat requires no less tasty accompaniment. Therefore, it makes sense to prepare a sauce that will make the dish even more desirable.

Often, the sauce itself contains alcohol, and many argue that the best side dish will be a glass of wine.

So, pepper sauce is quite popular. For it you need to take:

  • small onion;
  • 100 ml of cognac;
  • 70 ml of cream with a fat content of at least 33 percent;
  • black pepper peas;
  • vegetable oil;
  • salt.

To start the pan glow. Onions cut as small as possible, fry in vegetable oil, here also put peas and pepper. You can crush them slightly to make it more fragrant. And then pour brandy into the mass. Now the most important point! The sauce is set on fire so that the alcohol evaporates, but leaves its taste. When the flame goes out, add cream and boil. Already prepared sauce salt.

Steak and potatoes

What is steak? For some, it's just a delicious lunch or dinner, but many make it a real masterpiece.

For such a dish does not need a large number of ingredients, the main thing - the right and good piece of meat, salt, black pepper or rosemary. Any meat or fish is suitable for cooking, but beef is considered the queen of steak.

No less original is the dish of lamb, but there are some subtleties in cooking.The finished steak is poured over the sauce, as a garnish it is better to use vegetable preparations, for example, salads.

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