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Modern industry is ready to bring a lot of technological innovations to kitchen appliances. They simplify the process of cooking, make it comfortable and safe. Among the most significant household appliances, which significantly changed the functionality of the kitchen space and its appearance was the induction hob. What is induction already knows most of the housewives. But before you buy this new product should examine its merits and identify the existing shortcomings. It is important to get feedback from those who have already installed the induction panel. After all, like everything new, such a surface requires a new approach to implement the tasks.

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Induction hob

What is induction and how does it help to heat food? Under the hob is an induction coil.It generates a magnetic field with high frequencies. It does not heat the surface itself, which remains cold, but inside the dishes. Some even carry out experiments confirming that the product that is on the stove remains raw and the other half, which are in the pan, are cooked in a matter of minutes. This is the whole principle of operation and the main advantage of the induction panel, which begins its work only after not placing the appropriate container.

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Types of induction devices

Currently, manufacturers offer several types of induction-based household appliances:

  1. Tabletop induction tile. In appearance, it is similar to the classic electric stove. Its advantages in convenience and compactness. Many take it with you on vacation and other trips. For work requires a regular outlet.
  2. Induction cooker. Stationary household appliances. Comes complete with a hob and oven.
  3. Induction hob. Rings can be several. It is built into the kitchen set and makes it possible to install the oven in a different, convenient place.

The appearance of an induction panel is often similar to an electrical one, which has a glass-ceramic surface and sensory control. But this is where the similarities end. Induction household appliances is a high-tech appliance that uses the power of an electromagnetic field to perform its functions.

Advantages of induction technology

In addition to the practicality and elegant appearance of the built-in hob (induction) has several other advantages:

  1. Power saving. Heating occurs only after the dishes are on the glass-ceramic surface of the plate.
  2. Full security. Even if you touch the surface of the burn does not happen. You can also safely leave a spoon near the pan, where the food is prepared and at the same time it does not heat up.
  3. Touch control. Such a device involves a variety of modes, with the help of which more possibilities appear, and cooking becomes easier.
  4. Cooking takes less time.. When compared with gas or electric analogue, the time required for heating up is much less.
  5. Easy to clean. Due to the fact that the very surface of the plate is not heated, then accidentally spilled liquid, and the pieces will not burn food, respectively, to remove them is much easier.

All the advantages discussed explains the specificity and principle of operation of the induction panel.

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Disadvantages that induction hob is endowed with

What is induction? This is electromagnetic radiation, which has its own specific waves. Some argue that the panel has too high a level of this radiation, the effect of which is detrimental to health. But when cooking, a person does not get accustomed to the stove, and a distance of about 15-20 cm from the panel is comparable to the effects of a regular hair dryer, which many used to dry their hair.

Among other disadvantages, users noted:

  1. Loud noise and rattling during cooking. It is important to know here that modern models are gradually losing this drawback, and to reduce the noise on earlier plates, it is necessary to replace the dishes with a more adjacent surface. Superfluous sounds appear when an enameled pan with a rounded bottom is used.
  2. Some users complain that the technological innovations need to completely replace the dishes. But for its use, you can use the usual pots and pans.The main thing is that they have a magnetic bottom. A cast-iron cauldron, a steel stewpot and an aluminum pan are quite suitable for these purposes. It is also important to consider the diameter of the bottom, which should be more than 12 cm.
  3. For many buyers, the cost of the induction panel seems too high. But the price justifies its manufacturability, usability and safety.

It is evident that if you correctly approach the new product and know all the nuances of its work, then the merits clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

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Induction panel vs. traditional electric

Many housewives ask themselves: "What is better - induction or electric hob?". After all, the latter is much lower in cost, and absolutely any kind of dishware will fit for it. Yes, they have similarities in appearance and the presence of a glass-ceramic surface. But there are also enough differences:

  1. The efficiency of the electrical panel is much lower than that of the induction.
  2. The electric stove consumes significantly more electricity than technological novelty
  3. Safety induction is at a high level, it stops working as soon as the dishes are removed from the surface.Electric analog will be hot until it is disconnected.
  4. Electric stove heats up twice as slowly as induction.
  5. The new surface is always cold, so it is unlikely to get burned.

Many consumers, comparing both options, come to the conclusion that, despite the higher cost, the induction hob justifies its price, because it is more economical, warms up quickly and is completely safe.

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The best examples of induction panels

The rating of induction hobs affects the choice of buyers. Many seek to study it before they go shopping. It is important to know not only the characteristics of the samples, but also the average price, technical capabilities and reliability of the manufacturer. The best induction hob for each will have its own, depending on the required characteristics, appearance and functions performed. Below is the rating of the panels, which are distinguished by the quality and credibility of their manufacturers.

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Induction panel Oursson

Oursson brand belongs to the Swedish company of the same name. The manufacturer has earned the trust of its customers, who highlight the reliability and quality of their household appliances.

The Oursson IP1220T / OR model has only one ring and is suitable for small apartments, country houses or villas. The sample has a touch control and electronic display. Of the advantages distinguish its compactness and ease of management. Among the minuses there is only one hot plate.

Bosch Sample

Bosch induction hob is produced by a large German concern. Embedded samples are supplied for the Russian consumer.

The most popular model is Bosch PIC 645F17E. This is a combined induction hob, which has two electric burners and two induction, which is its undoubted advantage.

Among other advantages, user reviews highlight the ease of setting modes, intuitive touch control and a high percentage of efficiency. Among the minuses, only the price is noted, which, however, is not too high for such a model.

Induction Iplate Panel

Those who are looking for an economical model of the domestic sample, it is recommended to look at this brand.

Panel Iplate YZ-C20 has two burners and touch controls. Users noted the ease of adjustment and ease of care.

The price is within the economy class. Among the shortcomings of the hostess identified too noisy fan operation. However, given the cost and technological capabilities, the brand rightfully occupies the third place in the rating.

Induction Kitfort panel

Production is located in St. Petersburg. The organization delivers inexpensive, but qualitative and reliable models. The Kitfort KT-106 model is in the greatest demand.

The sample has a low cost, equipped with one burner. Electronic control, touch display. The model is compact and has a small weight. Many people prefer to take it on vacation or set it up in small apartments.

Of course there are downsides. The panel has no shutdown button, it is necessary to disconnect from the network. Also, some claim that it makes too much noise.

How to choose the best option?

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Already many in the house began to appear induction hob. What is the electromagnetic field and how it works is understandable. But how to choose the best option for your kitchen and needs? First you need to find out the required parameters:

  • the required number of burners;
  • panel dimensions;
  • functions performed.

When choosing it is important to pay attention to its power. The size of the burners is different. Here it is necessary to assess your needs and the available set of dishes.

The cost affects the number of functions. It is necessary to overpay if it is important that the model is automatically turned off, if food accidentally gets on the burner. There are samples that are able to adapt to the size of pans and their location inside the heating diameter.

There are programmable models that have the function of memorizing previous cooking modes. At the following cooking time for adjustment is reduced.

Quite comfortable and popular induction hob. Reviews of its use show that it is safe, practical and economical. If you want to install a real helper in the kitchen, with which the process of cooking will be easy and exciting, you should take a closer look at induction household appliances.


When choosing hobs, the consumer pays attention to many nuances. Important functionality, speed of heating and efficiency.No less appreciated the appearance and placement. Those who prefer induction cookers are required not only to assess the financial possibilities, but also to inspect the available set of dishes. Perhaps, for ease of use, functionality and quality characteristics will have to "pay off" the acquisition of special pots and pans.

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