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The saying - “People are met by clothes, they are followed by the mind,” is now more relevant than ever. These days it is very important to look stylish and fashionable. Shops are filled with a variety of different styles and prints that help both women and men to create their own unique image. In the heart of Moscow is the center of fashion and style - TsUM.

What is TsUM?

There are two options for decoding the abbreviation TSUM. They are not particularly different, but there is still a certain difference.

Firstly, the Central Department Store is a central department store, which is located at the intersection of Teatralnaya Street and the famous Petrovka. Since the times of the USSR and up to today's Russia, this shopping center was an important point for purchases of any Muscovite and tourist. Here you could buy everything you want, from food to jewelry.

Central Department Store logo

Secondly, the Central Department Store is the central department store in Moscow. This name was distributed among visitors who were frequent guests of the capital.However, there is some inaccuracy in this decoding. Such a decoding of the Central Department Store is associated with the appearance of its new competitor - GUM. It was he who subsequently won the hearts of the people, as the main trading attraction of Moscow.

There is no one strictly established decoding of the Central Department Store, therefore everyone calls this fashion house to his own taste.

Store history

What is TsUM in historical terms? Few people know that Scotland is the birthplace of the country's central department store. In 1857, it was in this country that Archibald Merilis and Andrew Muir registered the trademark "Mur and Meriliz". After his move to Moscow, which occurred in the 80s of the XIX century, in 1885, the described Scottish brand opened its own outlet in the very center of Russia, which was selling ladies hats and various items for female beauty.

Unfortunately, in 1892 and in 1900 there was a fire in the building of the shop “Mür and Meriliz”, after which the owners decided to restructure the building. In 1908, a seven-story building that was made in the neo-Gothic style grew on that very spot, so it clearly stood out among other buildings in the center of Moscow.In addition to increasing the space of the new store, the product spectrum was also increased. Now it was possible to buy goods for children, perfumery, jewelry, men's and women's clothing in the store “Mure and Meriliz”.

shops TSUM

With the advent of Soviet supporters to power, the nationalization of production began, which affected the Scottish store. In 1922, Mostorg opened a department store at the same place. Subsequently, namely in 1933, this store got its name - TsUM (Central Department Store). During the Great Patriotic War, he changed his specifics. During this period, the barracks were located in the building of a department store.

In 1953 there was a reorientation of the Central Department Store in Moscow, which consisted in the sale of high-quality goods at elevated prices. The innovations did not end there: payment appeared through the cashier, the practice of open display of goods was introduced, as well as the introduction of a self-service system. The reorientation was completed in 1974 by the fact that there was a reconstruction of the building of the central department store.

In 2002, TsUM passed into the hands of the Russian company Mercury, which sells luxury goods. In the period 2007-2008The central department store has expanded its area by half, thanks to the construction of a new building next to the main one. This construction has formed a bad reputation around the central store, because the transport situation in the narrow streets around the building has deteriorated.

grocery store in TSUM

The structure of the Central Department Store

As mentioned earlier, due to the fact that the central department store is owned by a company that deals with luxury goods, you can see extremely expensive brands in this building. According to approximate calculations, there are about 2000 different brands in the walls of the fashion house.

The TSUM store consists of 7 floors, which include watches, jewelry, accessories, bags, perfumes, cosmetics, men's and women's shoes and clothing, children's products, underwear and swimwear, youth clothing, as well as home and travel goods. In addition to the above products, shopaholics can visit the cafe, which is located on the territory of three, dry cleaning, repair shoes. For the convenience of customers was built underground parking.

Among the features of TSUM, a special department should be highlighted, in which there are a variety of goods,selected by the director of the central store of Moscow Natasha Goldenberg.

New Year's CUM

Shops TSUM

All seven floors of the fashion house are filled with a variety of branded goods. Here you can buy watches from Rolex, women's and men's clothing from the companies Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Comme des Garcon, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Marni, Kenzo, Prada, La Perla.

Sports representatives - Adidas Originals, New Balance, Nike, Puma. You can also purchase cosmetic products from brands such as Cosmotheca, MAC Cosmetics. The female part of the visitors can please themselves with jewelry from Tiffany & Co, Swarovski. This is only a small part of those branded stores that are ready to please shopaholics with their goods.

Branches of the Central Department Store

The goods of the Central Department Store can be found not only in the center of Moscow. For the convenience of its customers, several branches were created. Thus, in 2005, Mercury opened the Barvikha Luxury Village shopping complex, where there was a place for the Central Department Store.

In 2004, Mercury received the rights to reconstruct the building of a department store in St. Petersburg - “House of Leningrad Trade”, which is located on Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street. Already in 2012, a Central Department Store department in the northern capital opened its doors for customers.

In order to expand the circle of their clients,The administration of the central department store decided to create a ZUM-discount. They were opened in the shopping centers "Afimoll", "Belaya Dacha", "Europark".

Shares of TSUM

Scandalous facts

What is TsUM? This is a trading house that attracts with its beauty and luxury. This store does not need advertising - they often talk about it and create grounds for discussion in society. But, unfortunately, all the advertising that was, did not create a positive image in the eyes of people.

This is evidenced by the following scandal, which occurred in 2007. The first reason was created before the beginning of the school year, when the store's advertising incorrectly criticized those children who did not wear branded clothes. Representatives of the FAS declared a violation of 5 laws "On Advertising", namely: advertising should not form a negative attitude of people towards people who do not use the advertised goods, or condemn such persons.

What is TsUM for ordinary people? This is a shop where popular singers, actors, politicians, oligarchs dress. In 2011, we decided to play on this stereotype. On the territory, which was located near the Central Department Store, advertising posters with the image of D. A. Medvedev and V. were placed.V. Putin in clothes that advertised the new collection in the central department store. The administration of the famous department store claimed that it had nothing to do with this action. The perpetrators were never found.

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