What are the professions in demand? Labor market development

Quite an important issue at the moment is the topic of what professions are in demand in Russia and around the world. In fact, this moment greatly influences the choice of a specialty and university among students. Therefore, today we will try to figure out which vacancies are found on bulletin boards most often and which specialists are needed by the whole world. In truth, this list can be continued almost indefinitely. Only we will try to consider the popular professions for girls and guys who are in special demand. Let's get down to this topic as soon as possible.what professions are in demand


The first job that can only be met is the manager. And mostly for sales. As a rule, sellers are now needed everywhere. Especially with experience.

Honestly, this profession has a huge turnover of personnel, and is also considered far from being the most prestigious.To get a job as a manager, you can graduate from the economics department of a manager or just get a job not in your specialty. As a rule, everyone is taken to this position. Especially young and motivated people.

The level of wages is average here. Somewhere you can get 10,000 rubles a month, and somewhere all 30,000. It all depends on the region of your residence, as well as on the nature of the goods sold and the prestige of the company. Students eagerly go to work as managers, especially sales. But which professions are still in demand? Now we'll figure it out.


Our next profession, to be honest, is quite common. And she is always in demand. After all, we are talking about teachers and lecturers. In truth, in Russia now there are real problems of the lack of such personnel. And there are reasons for this.list of popular professions

Demanded professions in the labor market are usually well paid. Only in Russia this is not at all the case. Some vacancies really bring a good income. Only now the salary of an ordinary school teacher does not particularly attract young cadres. From here there is a shortage of workers.But some university professors have a fairly high income. But not everyone can get a job.

To get a teacher, as a rule, you need a higher education. Depending on it, you will be "assigned" to the subject that you will teach. In addition, you can, in principle, finish the "Pedagogy" and become a teacher. Or a kindergarten teacher. In principle, this is enough. Let's continue our list of popular professions that are now needed in most regions.


In fact, doctors are needed everywhere. Moreover, different directions and specializations. There are pediatricians, dentists, cardiologists, and surgeons. This list can be continued indefinitely. Such demanded professions in 5 years (10, 20 and even 60) will remain important and necessary for all countries.

To be honest, in Russia the situation with doctors is very bad. Worse than with teachers. The thing is that the salary of such workers, if they do not work in private paid clinics, is small, but the responsibility and requirements for them are huge. Incomparable with monthly payments. Plus, before becoming a real doctor, you will have to study for a long time. And then go through the internship.

In total, a student who has just graduated will be able to get an opportunity to become a graduate only approximately 8-10 years after entering a university. Learning from medicine is very difficult. And many try to choose some higher-paid specialties, and even to get a diploma that do not need to study for 10 years. What professions are in demand besides those already listed? Let's try to deal with you in this difficult question.popular professions for girls


In truth, there is another profession, which has a huge turnover of personnel. This is a waiter. Now these workers need very many restaurants, as well as cafes. As a rule, work in the field of catering is a popular profession for girls. After all, they are taken as cooks and waitresses.

Apply for this position can anyone. From about 16 years old. That is, to work as a waiter, you can not even get higher education. Responsibility in the workplace you will have a big, and the salary - the average. Plus, sometimes you will leave a tip.

Some waiters are forced to work for 12 hours.And they get about 10-15 thousand rubles a month. Therefore, many are trying to leave this place before they acquire chronic fatigue. Plus, the students who have received education, as a rule, try to find a job in their specialty. And therefore there is a shortage of personnel. What professions are in demand yet? Now we find out with you.popular professions in the labor market


Another quite interesting job that is found on the bulletin boards and is considered to be in demand around the world is a psychologist or a private consultant (now it’s considered the same).

The thing is that those who want to work as a psychologist will have to get a specialized education, as well as get a license to provide services. After all, psychology is a part of human health. And for her treatment and correction license is required.

If we are talking about budget psychologists, then everything is very bad in Russia. After all, the salary of such specialists, as a rule, is also not very large - about 10,000 rubles. But the responsibility and "headache" is not commensurate with the monthly payments. In the same way as doctors and teachers.Therefore, there is a turnover of personnel, as well as their shortage.

The situation is better with private psychologists and consultants. The thing is that they work "for themselves" and receive, as a rule, a sufficient income to ensure a rich and good life. True, everything here is overshadowed by constant "clashes" regarding the obtaining of a license for activities. Not everyone is ready to fight for it. And so people are trying to find themselves some less "stressful" place and profession, so that the patch was at least at an average level.popular professions after 5 years

Cashier wagon

Some of the most popular professions, to be honest, are popular, as a rule, among students. And here is another very interesting vacancy that is needed in Russia - this is a cashier-wagon.

As a rule, such frames are found in a cafe. There the worker must take the order from the client, prepare it and issue it. In addition, he is also required to make a calculation. No special higher or secondary special education is needed by such a person. After all, they are accepting this position from the age of 14. All learning process usually takes place directly in the workplace.

Only here recently in this area there is a shortage of personnel. Wages here, as in most cases, are just scanty, there is a lot of work, and so are the visitors. And everyone needs to be served. With all this, keeping the smile and friendliness on his face. Plus, if you get a job as a universal cashier, then you will be “driven” by the medical board, and (most likely) deceived with bonuses, bonuses and promotions. We can say that this is a place where there is no career growth in principle. What are the demand professions around the world? There are many more different options, only we will study the most popular ones.most popular professions


Builders are another worker that is needed everywhere. Honestly, a good frame of this direction should have an engineering education. And this is a huge problem for many workers.

Plus, the situation is exacerbated by the amount of work, as well as wages, the danger of duties performed, and a number of other factors. In addition, the builder is not considered a prestigious job. After all, it is often taken by men without education.In Russia, as a rule, immigrant builders are common. For this reason, probably, for this vacancy, many are treated with a certain contempt.

Nevertheless, a good specialist can earn really well. For example, to become a foreman and get about 30-40 thousand rubles per month. For some, this is not enough. Nevertheless, the majority of the population lives on lower wages. So it is worth thinking about this proposal. The main thing is to find a good employer.

Computer scientists

Popular professions in 5 years and more are those related to computers. In simple language, the modern world now needs computer scientists, or IT specialists. And in different directions.popular professions in Moscow

This primarily includes programmers. They need to learn (both in high school and independently), and then have a good practice. Programmer's salary is usually quite high, which attracts young students to the vacancy. Only now, not everyone is able to get training in a university in this area. And to trust the person who was engaged in self-education, only the rare employer will agree.

Also if you thinkwhat are the professions in demand among IT-specialists, then we can distinguish system administrators, web programmers, designers, masters in 3D-graphics and so on. The list can be continued indefinitely. If you think about what professions are in demand in Moscow, then you can be sure that there are people who need equipment and computers in general.


So it's time to end our conversation. The list of popular professions has come to an end. To be honest, it can be continued for a very long time. And every day the vacancies will become more and more.

To be honest, you should not choose a profession for its relevance. After all, the situation on the labor market may change in 5 years. It is best to choose for yourself the direction to which you "lay the soul." And then you can hope for true success in the workplace. Demanded professions in the labor market will always remain so.

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