What religion in Israel prevails?

Appearing on the political map of the world only in 1949, Israel is one of the youngest states on our planet. At the same time, with the creation of a new state, the ancient traditions held by Jews around the world gained new development. What religion prevails in Israel? Does it have state status? What other religions are practiced by the inhabitants of Israel? We will try to answer these questions in this article.

Judaism in Israel

Formally, Judaism is not recognized as the state religion of the country, but the majority of Israelis, answering the question what religion prevails in Israel, answer: "Judaism."

what religion is Israel

This religion left its mark on all spheres of life in the country. Almost all food establishments serve their guests kosher food. Saturday is an official day off, when most of the shops, cafes, restaurants not only work, but also passenger transportation is not carried out. In many regions of the country, ultra-Orthodox Jews can be found: their lifestyle is almost the same as that typical of their ancestors in XIX century Europe.

For most researchers, the answer to the question of what religion and religion prevails in Israel is quite obvious. Of course, this is Judaism. An overwhelming number of Jewish believers are orthodox. There are few Jewish Protestants and Reformed Jews, although they also have influence in the state and society.

Interfaith differences are quite strong in Judaism, and therefore a religious Zionist dressed in a knitted pile in the ultra-orthodox quarter may get into serious trouble if local residents consider that he has little respect for Jewish traditions. It should be noted that during the hostilities, all the inhabitants of the country unite, which is undoubtedly a merit of Judaism.

what is religion in jews in israel

This religion preaches the ten basic commandments:

  • a ban on the image of God;
  • monotheism;
  • honoring parents;
  • banning the pronunciation of the name of God in vain;
  • ban on theft;
  • ban on murder;
  • prohibition of adultery;
  • ban on perjury;
  • a ban on the desire for something else;
  • the requirement of compliance with the Shabbat.

To understand what religion the Jews of Israel profess, it is necessary to make a reservation that, according to the canons of Judaism, any person has the right to choose between good and evil, but it is he who should be responsible for his actions.Interestingly, Judaism does not pursue the goal of bringing into its ranks new followers who are currently practicing other religions. The procedure for accepting non-Jewish Judaism — giyur — is extremely complex and involves special requirements: a serious study of the Torah, as well as the ability to apply what is stated in it in everyday life.

Religious practices

Religious leaders of the Jewish community of Israel are rabbis. In Jewish law, they are ordained. Often these are people with advanced degrees. The body of the rabbis is the chief rabbinate, who preaches the laws of religion, to which the Jews obey without question.

Jews pray in synagogues. By tradition, men sit here in front of women, who are located behind their backs, behind a special partition or on the balcony. Rosh Hashanah (New Year), falls on September or October. The Jews visit the synagogue for two days, listen to the readings of the Torah. It is interesting that today believing Jews of the whole world, making prayers, turn to Israel, and the Jews who are in Israel, to Jerusalem. Believers in Jerusalem turn their prayers to the Temple Mount.

Ancient prophecies predict that the Messiah (Mashiah) on the Temple Mount will build the Third Temple, which will eventually become the center for Jews and all of humanity.

Other country religions: Christianity

Finding out which religion prevails in Israel, one cannot but mention Christianity, which had the strongest influence on the state. For a long time this land was divided and conquered by the Crusaders and Muslims - the Saracen warriors. Here were laid trade routes that contributed to the mixing of cultures, languages ​​and religions.

According to official statistics, there are few Christians in the country - 2% of the total population. Christianity in the country is represented mainly by Catholics, Orthodox and Maronites. The Orthodox Republic is a Greek Orthodox Church, headed by the Patriarch of Jerusalem. In addition, the Romanian, Russian and American Orthodox churches have their representative offices. There are very few Protestants in Israel: they are represented only by the Evangelical Episcopal Church with two thousand parishioners and the Lutheran Church (the parish has no more than a thousand people).

what religion prevails in israel

There is an Armenian church in Jerusalem.The Armenian community today has about two thousand people. Throughout the country there are Christian churches belonging to various denominations, including the world-famous Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Jerusalem).


We found out what religion the Jews of Israel preach, and what about the other inhabitants of the country? The overwhelming majority of Arabs living in this young state are Muslims. But among them there are people who adhere to the Christian faith.

Arabs have stores in Israel, schools for children, and catering establishments. Amazingly, in Jerusalem, for example, it is impossible to meet an Arab among the Jews, and vice versa. There is no language barrier between them: most Muslims are fluent in English and local languages. Islam in Israel is mainly represented by Sunnis. The main religious leaders of the Muslim community are the muezzins, who are fluent in the writing of the Koran and carry out the call to prayer in the mosque.

israel what faith and religion


Which religion of the Jews of Israel is considered the youngest? This is Baha'ism, whose history is a little over 100 years old.Like all young religions, it claims to world domination because it declares the greatness of its tasks and the humanity of its goals.

Baha'is are committed to the universal values ​​and spiritual unity of all the inhabitants of our planet. Bahá’ís have their own spiritual leader, the Báb, and even their prophet, Bahá’u’lláh. For a long time after the death of the remains of the Bab could not find peace. His relics for 60 years his adepts were secretly transported from place to place, while they were finally buried in Haifa, on Mount Carmel.

In many Muslim countries, Bahá'í supporters are considered apostates. The situation is different in Israel: what religion is closer to you, each person should decide independently. That is why Haifa is visited every year by thousands of adepts of the new religion.

israel what faith and religion

Religious shrines of Israel

We told what religions in Israel profess. It's time to get acquainted with the shrines belonging to each of them. Religious centers of the country are five cities: Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Safed, Hebron, Tiberias.

Jewish Shrines: Temple Mount

The height of the mountain is 774 meters above sea level. Its top is surrounded by high walls and is a rectangular area, towering over the rest of Jerusalem. This is a sacred place for Judaism.They believe that the Lord placed “Even Ha-Shtia” on this place - the cornerstone of the universe, the foundation stone. Temple Mount is identified with Mount Moriah. According to legends, it was on her that God ordered Abraham to sacrifice Isaac - his only son.

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Machpela Cave

Here are buried the saints Isaac, Jacob, Abraham and their wives - Leah, Sarah and Rebekah. This is the second place for the Jews after the Temple Mount. It is a place of worship for Christians and Muslims.

Rachel's Tomb

For many centuries, pilgrims from different countries flock here. Not only Jews, but also Christians and Muslims are striving to get here.

Wall of Tears

These are actually remnants of a Jewish temple, which the Romans destroyed in 70 AD, is one of the most revered places for Jews around the world. There are separate sections of the wall for women and men. Often people write their prayers and requests to the Lord on paper and put them between the stones.

Christian shrines

Pilgrims from all over the world come annually to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, located in Jerusalem. In addition, there are numerous tourists.

Church of the Nativity

One of the two main Christian shrines of Israel. Along with the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, this temple is annually a place of pilgrimage for Christians from around the world.

what is religion in jews in israel

Qasr al-Yahud

Thousands of believers come here every year. They participate in the celebration of the Epiphany on the Jordan River.

Muslim shrines: Dome of the Rock

Muslims believe that this rock has become a stone of the universe. They believe that it is from here that the Lord began the creation of the world.


This is the third after the mosque of Al-Haram (Mecca) and the mosque of the Prophet (Medina) the shrine of the Muslims. She is visited by all the adherents of this faith who arrive in the country.

what religion is Israel

Bahai Shrines: World Center

On the slopes of Mount Carmel in Haifa are the "Bahai gardens". They also include the tomb of the Bab, which the inhabitants call the Bahai temple.

Bahai Park

This is a holy place for representatives of the Bahai faith. In the very center of the park is the temple-mausoleum, it houses the tomb of Bahá'u'lláh, who was the founder and prophet of this faith.

We hope that after reading the article, you can answer the question, what religion in Israel prevails. If this opportunity presents itself, visit this amazing country to see its unique sights, including cult ones.

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