What should be a camp bowler

Cooking delicious food and its reception is undoubtedly a very important component of any tourist trip. To do this, you must choose the right bowler. In the article we want to tell you how it should be, what to consider when choosing it. So, we will consider the types of these products according to the material used for their manufacture.

Hiking pot

Cast iron pot

Cast iron was used in Russia, since this material has already proved its advantages in use for a long time. But the cast iron pot has some drawbacks: first of all, it is fragile and heavy, which is a big disadvantage in the conditions of the hike.

Aluminum Bowler

It is relatively durable and light. Unlike the previous type, it is less heat absorbing, so the time it takes to prepare food in it takes much more.

Hiking pot of steel

Steel is plastic, but is more resistant to mechanical stress. Such products are considered more durable than aluminum. There are also soldered and riveted steel kettles, but their disadvantage is a high probability of leakage.

Stainless steel

This material is the undisputed leader among all known in our time. Cooking in such a pot is fast, and no one doubts its reliability.

Cast iron pot

The kettle is one of the most sought-after items of equipment used in the camp kitchen. Next, we will talk about the shape, volume and many other nuances of the choice of this product.

The form

Boilers are made in two forms: elongated or ordinary round. Of course, it is more convenient to prepare food in a round boiler, but an elongated hiking pot is much easier to place in a backpack.


For cooking first courses and porridges in the conditions of a hike, a kettle is usually chosen at the rate of about 0.5 liters per person. If you want to make tea or compote - at the rate of 0.3 l per person. Be sure to keep in mind that when cooking food over a fire, the water will evaporate intensively. We recommend always adding about 15% more capacity.

Number of bowlers

If more than 10 people take part in the hike, you need to take 2-3 bowlers, since an extra load cannot please the modern tourist, who has quite a lot of equipment. It will also create certain inconveniences and fewer of them, since usually one of the boilers is used for cooking, and the second - for hot water for tea.So, for example, a third camp bowler is useful to a large group of people for cooking compote or kissel from harvested berries.

Homemade option for hiking

You can make a camp boiler from the most common aluminum pan, which is in every house. For this you need, instead of 2 side handles, to attach one through the top of the container.

Hiking pot

Pen and cap

An important role when choosing a boiler is also played by the handle, since if it is not securely fixed, it can cause undesirable injuries and burns. Therefore, we strongly recommend that before the march carefully check the reliability of fastening the handles. It is also good if the camp bowler has a lid that protects food from the ingress of foreign objects. In addition, the food will boil faster.


Compliance with these simple tips will give you the opportunity to purchase a really high-quality camping bowler. We wish you a pleasant stay and unforgettable impressions!

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