What should be the IQ of a normal person?

Defining a challenging task is a useful tool for choosing the best candidate. The interview gives a piece of information, but it is not always possible to check. Testing of a variety of tasks and cases, conducted with a time limit, in this situation will be more effective. In this case, you need to trust the machine with the error. The test may not take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the subject, his emotional state and other features. IQ of a normal person is in the range of 90-120 points, but does not guarantee the availability of outstanding abilities.

History of creating an IQ test

brain development

IQ tests were created in 1905 by the French psychologist Alfred Binet to determine the psychological age of mentally retarded teenagers. William Stern in 1912 adapted the method to the determination of the intellectual age. In this embodiment, the test result was called "IQ" or IQ. The question of what should be the IQ of a normal person, was resolved as follows.The result of testing is compared with the average score within the age group, determining the coefficient of compliance with average data.

The essence of the technique

IQ of a normal person is determined by tasks that test the ability to operate with images and figures, to think logically and solve complex, intricate tasks. A good memory and a high level of general knowledge helps to pass the test for a higher score. The test can assess the speed of perception and data processing, visual-spatial thinking.

sample test

At the same time, first of all, the ability to learn, learn and understand is evaluated. People with high IQ have the resources to solve complex problems. But having a high IQ does not guarantee a person’s success. All outstanding people have a high level of intelligence, but not all carriers of great IQ have achieved good results. Much depends on the person himself, his motivation, character traits, talents.

Age features

What IQ in a normal person is also highly dependent on age. It is believed that the peak of development accounts for 26 years. The moment of the highest development of intelligence can vary from 20 to 34 years depending on the conditions of a particular subject.After 60 years, the level of intelligence decreases sharply only if a person ceases to set himself difficult tasks and does not burden thinking, limited to standard situations.

child's intelligence

It is accepted that the level of IQ is a constant value. For children, different norms of the development of intelligence are adopted, approximately estimating normal development. A normal IQ of a person of 14 years is considered to be 70-80 points, but for an adult it will mean a deviation from the norm. Thus, the level of intellectual development has a constancy compared with the group (by age), but when considering an individual individual, IQ varies significantly with age.

Decoding results

The IQ level of a normal person may be different at different times. Even one person, being tested in a different emotional, physical and mental state, will show a different result. Influence has the motivation to pass the test.

intelligence measurement

The results of the study to 85 points are interpreted as mental retardation of different severity levels. Average intelligence is characterized by points 85-114. A score of 100 points indicates the correct solution for half of the tasks.Solving all the issues will allow you to get 200 points, but no one has yet achieved such a result.

Areas of use

Testing is actively used in psychology and personnel work. Psychologists assess the level of development of children, directing, if necessary, to remedial classes. When working with adults, IQ tests are also used, showing the level of development of thinking processes. Often, tests are supplemented by other, more focused. This approach helps to get a more adequate result.

When selecting candidates for a vacancy, the personnel service often uses IQ tests, but here it must be remembered that when training, the result increases by 20-30%. Thus, a person may simply have the skill of passing the test, which does not at all indicate a high level of intelligence.

Last time paired with IQ test is EQ. This coefficient characterizes the development of emotional intelligence, which is responsible for the person’s sociability, intuition, and ability to build relationships with other people. These two methods characterize the work of different hemispheres of the brain, therefore not always both show the results of the same level.This fact explains the situation when the presence of a high level of IQ does not help a person to succeed.

IQ development

How much IQ in a normal person depends on heredity by 60-80%. The remaining 20-40% does not depend on education at all, but on lifestyle and thinking, especially in early childhood. Diseases, stresses and injuries are important.

Independently you can develop intellectual abilities, adhering to the following recommendations:

  • Intellectual games (for example, chess, sudoku, etc.). The beginning of mastering games will be difficult, the brain is not used to solving such problems. Gradually, skills of non-standard strategic thinking will be developed. It is important in this case not to stop at one game, to continue to move on, setting all the new complex intellectual tasks. Logical games for time, puzzles are useful. Such spending free time stimulates the development of thought processes, positively influences the level of intelligence.
chess for the brain
  • Permanent training. The process of learning new stimulates attention, memory, thought processes. New activities stimulate the production of the hormone dopamine, the level of which determines the number of neurons.Thus, expanding the boundaries of their own experience, a person increases the level of IQ.
  • Physical exercise. An active lifestyle supports the general healthy state of the body, removes toxins and promotes intellectual development.
  • Healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition and sleep patterns are necessary for the harmonious functioning of the nervous system. Accompanying any activity with developmental motivation increases the result, giving a feeling of satisfaction and strength to move on.

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