What smell are afraid of the mouse in the house?

Rodents usually live in apartments, private houses, farm buildings, where there is food. But people are unpleasant when they settle nearby. For the fight there are various pesticides that destroy parasites. But there are also humane methods that do not kill, but frighten pests. In addition, they are safe for humans. To eliminate rodents you just need to know what smell they are afraid of the mouse.

Where do rodents come from?

Previously, these animals lived in basements, but now they can be everywhere. They are there, where a lot of trash products. They penetrate the upper floors through ventilation shafts, garbage disposal, and sewage. Rodents get into housing from other houses, when moving, delivery of large objects.

what smell are afraid of the mouse


Although at first glance rodents seem harmless, they still cause great damage to housing and human health. Products infected with mice are harmful to humans. Therefore, it is important to eliminate them forever.

what smell are afraid of the mouse

Why is it urgent to get rid of mice and rats? This is due to the following reasons:

  1. Damage to furniture, electrical appliances, walls.
  2. Provoking a fire if wiring is gnawed in places invisible to humans.
  3. Infection of a person with intractable diseases.
  4. Radiation transfer.
  5. The appearance of an unpleasant smell.
  6. Flea transfer.

The appearance of pests at home is indicated by the presence of holes in the walls, baseboards, gnawed products. Mice leave excrement. When they dwell in the house, a rustling or grinding sound is heard, especially at night.

What to use for non-residential premises?

Often rodents are turned up in a pantry or garage, where there are no food products. For these purposes, you should consider what smell they fear the mouse. In non-residential premises, unpleasant smells and poisonous plants can be used. Rodents are unpleasant such "aromas" as:

  1. Burnt tires.
  2. Burnt wool or down.
  3. Kerosene.
  4. Cheap perfume products.
  5. Naphthalene.

For residential properties, they are unacceptable. But if the room is rarely visited, then these funds perfectly scare off rodents. If you do not want to use chemicals and burn unpleasant-smelling objects, you should use poisonous plants.

What smell are afraid of the mouse, given the plant world? The aroma of elderberry and wild rosemary will be intimidating for parasites. Such plants are not suitable for home.Hydrocyanic acid, which is in the elderberry, as well as the essential oils of wild rosemary are dangerous for humans and animals.

what smell are afraid of the mouse in the house

Another smell of what grass are afraid of the mouse? For rodents is dangerous black root. It should not be used in housing, because of the dangerous alkaloids emitted from it. Mice feel poison well and therefore avoid it.

All procedures necessary for dealing with mice should be carried out in accordance with safety regulations. It is necessary to use gloves, a respirator, and preferably a gas mask. Processing is important to perform promptly so as not to come into contact with harmful components for a long period. Doors and windows in the room must be tightly closed. You should not visit it until everything disappears.

Safe plants

What smell are afraid mice from plants? There are several such herbs that will not harm human health. They are suitable for use in an apartment and a country house. This method is required due to security. It is often used where there are children and pets. What smell are afraid of mice from safe for human plants? The most popular include:

  1. Mint.This herb has a pleasant aroma, so it causes positive emotions in most people, and rodents cannot bear it. Dry leaves should be decomposed in the room where the mice live, and then leave it.
  2. Sagebrush. Bitter scent scares pests. An effective method is considered to be not only hanging the grass, but also fumigating the space with smoldering wormwood.
  3. Bulbs grouse. Radiated smell of garlic, which are the roots of this plant, mice can not tolerate.
  4. Marsh wild rosemary. In the essential oil of the plant are components that are harmful to rodents. Parasites are perfectly threatened, even at long distances.
  5. Effective repellents are tansy, feverfew, pharmacy chamomile.

That's the smell of fear in the mouse house. With these plants it will turn out to remove pests, and also to prevent the appearance of new individuals. These plants are used simply, you only need to decompose fresh or dried herbs without separating the roots and leaves where the parasites usually live. Mice will leave this room. After weathered the aroma of plants, they are changed to fresh greens.

Essential oils

What smell are afraid of the mouse in the house? Instead of herbs, you can use essential oils.This method is considered quite effective, as extracts from plants have a strong aroma. To fight with mice it is necessary to soak a cotton swab, a piece of gauze or a rag, and then place them near the rodent mink. Mice will not live where there are such odorous substances.

When working with essential oils, it is important to be careful. They can cause severe allergies in humans. If there is hypersensitivity to certain substances, then you need to abandon this method of scaring animals.

what smell are afraid of rats and mice

Smells, which are afraid of mice and rats, are different, but pepper and Japanese mint are considered the most effective. The following recipes will help:

  1. Vegetable oil (50 ml) is mixed with peppermint (20 drops). The finished mixture can be used if necessary. It should be stored in a closed container for no more than 6 months.
  2. Peppermint oil (15 drops) is mixed with alcohol (10 ml), water (400 ml). The finished liquid is used for spraying with a spray in the places inhabited by mice (pantries with food, baseboards).

These funds will help out if you need to know what smells are afraid of the mouse in the apartment. Use these methods, and very soon the rodents will disappear from the home.


All homes have spices that can be used not only to improve the taste of dishes, but also to protect the home from rodents. The strong flavor of seasoning affects mice as well as special chemicals.

what smells are afraid of the mouse in the apartment

What smell are afraid of spice mice? They do not tolerate the scent of coriander and cilantro. Powder or plant seeds should be placed in kitchen drawers and other places where products are located. With spices you can protect your home stocks.

In the country

Mice are harmful in rooms and in the garden. They gnaw the bark of trees, eat root crops, damage the roots of flowers. These are only some cases of damage. Smells are used to eliminate the animals. You can plant around the beds of daffodils that will protect against rodents. Wormwood is also suitable, which will be a powerful barrier to parasites. Near the beds with plants that love mice, you can plant coriander.

smell what grass are afraid of the mouse

What smell are afraid of mice and rats in the garden? You can plant mint bushes. If you use for this the black root and elder, then you should place them there where children do not have access. The trunks of the trees are tied up with stems of plants that scare the rodents away.Trenches in which vegetables are stored in winter are lined with wormwood. This method is ideal for use in basements and cellars.

How to eliminate mice forever?

To rid the room of rodents will help the following tips:

  1. We need to do the cleaning in the house. Especially carefully it is necessary to remove the corners, shelves, pantry. You should inspect the food supplies, remove all excess from the floor. At the end of the room should be washed with chlorine.
  2. Mousetraps help. A piece of bacon, peanut butter, cheese is used as bait. It is important to regularly check mousetraps.
  3. You can have a cat. Rodents do not tolerate feline smell, so quickly leave the room.
  4. There is another effective way: cement and any cereals must be mixed and scattered in the corners. Near it is necessary to place containers with water.
  5. Ultrasound is considered a safe, effective, but expensive way to eliminate mice. Thanks to the signals, the device scares away animals that do not want to return to such a room.


The implementation of simple measures will protect the housing from the appearance of mice. Prevention is important for this:

  1. It is important to monitor the cleanliness of housing.
  2. Food should be stored in such a way that they are not accessible.
  3. It is necessary to inspect the premises for integrity. If there are holes, cracks, then they need to be repaired.
  4. To protect the ventilation hatches put metal grates.
  5. Trash cans preferably be placed as far as possible from home.
  6. Do not leave the front door open in your home.

smells that are afraid of mice and rats

Not all homeowners keep cats, and not every fluffy pet has a hunting instinct. The use of chemicals, traps and poisons is a threat to children and animals. The use of deterring odors is considered a gentle method that allows you to clean the room or garden from mice.

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