What if a child blinks often?

From birth, each of us is inherent in reflex movement - blinking. Due to this, the cornea of ​​the eye is moistened, and dust is removed from its surface. If a mote gets into the eye or they get tired, blinking quickens. Parents, having noticed that the child often blinks his eyes, cannot but be alarmed. They are trying to figure out the cause. And not bad, if it turns out that the eyes are just tired, or dust has fallen into them, which will wash away the tear that has come out - this will pass. Problems sometimes turn out to be much more serious and require expert advice: an ophthalmologist or a neuropathologist.the child often blinks his eyes

Frequent blinking of the eyes from the point of view of the ophthalmologist

If your child blinks fast, then you are tightly clutching your eyelids, you need to visit an ophthalmologist. He will be able, having examined the baby, to decide whether there is drying the cornea of ​​the eyes. Dry eyes will force the doctor to prescribe moisturizing drops, and parents - to pay attention to the daily routine of the child, especially the amount of time he spent at the computer monitor or at the TV screen. Sometimes the cause of these disorders is visual impairment.True, then the child begins to squint.frequent blinking of eyes

Why the child often blinks his eyes from the point of view of a neurologist

But, as a rule, the fact that a child often blinks his eyes belongs to the category of neurological problems. This is the same nervous tic as any other involuntary twitching of the muscles of the face or body. This problem can be solved with the help of a neurologist. By the way, do not disregard even small tics! They signal that the child’s nervous system is too overloaded and needs help. Concussion and other traumatic brain injury can cause frequent blinking. And sometimes it turns out that in the family the child had people suffering from tics, and this tendency was handed down to him by inheritance. Such a reaction in children is usually accompanied by moments of difficulty in getting used to kindergarten or school, disagreement with the teacher or one of the teachers, quarrels between parents, their excessive severity, children's fears and much more. The lack of trust between children and parents, lack of attention from elders lead to nervous disorders in children and, as a result, to sleep disorders, nervousness, aggressiveness, ticoid twitching of the eyelids or frequent blinking.frequent blinking in children

How to treat frequent blinking in children?

In most children, nervous tics are temporary with the right behavior of the parents and the elimination of the problems that caused the disease. The main thing is to be patient and not try to ignore what is happening, waiting for everything to be decided by itself. Contact a specialist, but do not show a panic. Do not constantly make comments to the child, trying to stop frequent blinking. So you will only increase the tension, turning involuntary movements into those that are not amenable to the efforts of the will. And the rest of the tips are commonplace: healthy rest, balanced nutrition, warmth and love from parents, compliance with the measures in any load - these are the very components that will help if the child often blinks his eyes.

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