Where did Harry Potter study? Hogwarts Schools

Harry Potter is a wizard boy whose worldinvented the English writer Joan Rowling. She created an entire universe where magicians and sorcerers, unicorns, centaurs, dragons, giants, trolls, goblins, vampires, elves and other fairy-tale creatures live. But if you forget about magic, then the magical world is very similar to the ordinary: there are rules and laws that are guarded by the Ministry, patients are treated in the hospital, and children go to school. Where did Harry Potter study? The faculties and his school will be described in detail in the article.

Hogwarts School

harry potter faculty

In Britain there is a school, created a thousand yearsback four powerful wizards to teach the sorcery of children who have a magical power. Mighty magicians - Salazar Slytherin, Godric Gryffindor, Kandida Kogtevran and Penelope Puffenduy - disagreed on who to invite to school and how to conduct the training. Therefore, they created four different faculties and named them by their names. For each selected those children whose personal qualities were most appreciated. Over time, the important case of selection was entrusted to the Magic Hat: the student put it on his head, and the Hat solemnly proclaimed which faculty it was to study for the next seven years. But, it turns out, the student could not agree with the choice. For example, the "boy who survived" on admission was selected to the Slytherin faculty, but he refused to study there, and as a result was enrolled in Gryffindor.

We already found out where Harry Potter studied. Hogwarts faculties are described below.


harry potter faculties Hogwarts description

Here pupils who have suchcharacter traits like courage, courage, nobility and honor. Gryffindor's mascot is a lion, the colors of the banner are red and gold, the elements are fire. Dean of the "house" (in the English version) is Minerva McGonagall, who also holds the position of deputy director and teaches transfiguration. She is very strict, but fair. The local ghost is Almost Headless Nick.

Entrance to the living room Gryffindor guarded portraitTolstoy Ladies, who needs to be called a password to get inside. Harry Potter studied here. Hogwarts faculties, described in the article, compete among themselves for the right to own a school cup, and the "boy who survived" together with his friends - Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger - each year helped classmates win the Cup.

While in general Gryffindors are positivecharacters, but, like ordinary girls and boys, they quarrel, envy, gossip and fall in love. Nevertheless, they were all proud that their classmate - the famous Harry Potter. Faculties Puffenduy and Kogtevran also favored Harry, but the Slytherins hated him and did their best to hurt him.


harry potter faculty

His students are the smartest in the school,have a good sense of humor and creativity. Talisman "at home" - an eagle, colors - blue, blue and turquoise, the elements - the air. The head of the faculty is shorty professor Filius Flitwick, who teaches at Hogwarts spells. The ghost is the Gray Lady, during her life Elena Kogtevran, the daughter of the founder of the faculty.

The door to the living room of the "house" is guarded by an eagle, who foresees a riddle and lets in only after the correct answer.

In the seventh book falls into the living room of KogtevranaHarry Potter. The faculties are different, so it was very interesting for the hero to look around. He noted the comfort, soft armchairs, the ceiling in the form of a starry sky, a statue of the founder in full growth and a stunning view from the tower window to the lake.


harry potter hogwarts faculties

At this faculty, the Magic Hat selects the mosthardworking, patient, persistent, honest and kind students. The dean of the "house" is the rosy-cheeked professor of travology Pomona Stebel. She is very friendly with Minerva McGonagall. Not once showed courage and determination, not yielding to the Gryffindors. The colors of Puffenduya are yellow and brown, the mascot is a badger, the elements are earth. The local ghost is the good-natured Thick Monk.

The living room of the faculty is located not far from the kitchen,The entrance to it is round, like a passage in a badger hole. To go inside, you need to knock on one of the barrel covers that are near. If you choose the wrong cover or knock it wrong, the offender will get a good portion of vinegar in his face. Never came here Harry Potter. Faculty of Kogtevran and Slytherin, however, he attended.


harry potter faculties photo

His students are distinguished by cunning, a thirst for power,purposefulness, ingenuity, intelligence and sarcasm. Dean first was Potions Professor Severus Snegg, after - Horace Slughorn. Native colors - green and silver, a mascot - a snake, elements - water, a ghost - the Bloody Baron, who was afraid even of the local poltergeist Peeves.

The Slytherin's living room is in the dungeon under the lake, the walls here are made of wild stone, slightly damp, the room is lit by green lamps, the entrance is disguised: if you name the correct password, it opens.

Now you know in what environment Harry Potter studied. Faculties, photos of which are in the article, are described in detail above.

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