Where is Kaliningrad - the ancient city of fairy tales?

Kaliningrad is a beautiful old city with its own history. Its sights are so original and numerous that you can with a clear conscience add Kaliningrad to the list of the best cities for visiting tourists.


Contrary to the popularity of the city, not everyone knows where Kaliningrad is located. Also, not everyone knows his story. The city received its first name from the Knights of the Crusaders. It was by them that it was built in the thirteenth century. But over time, the city suffered a lot of damage.

Where is the center of Kaliningrad

Asking the question of where Kaliningrad is located, many turn to the map, because the former name of the city - Konigsberg - can be misleading, hinting at involvement in German culture. And the ancient buildings and castles resemble the Czech Republic in their architecture. Previously, the city really belonged to Prussia, frustrated by German colonists.In the war years, the Russians destroyed most of the buildings. And only much later than the Second World City returned the old look, rebuilding it anew.

Where is Kaliningrad?

The city is located in the westernmost part of the country. Kaliningrad region is bordered by Poland and Lithuania. The Baltic Sea coast, where Kaliningrad is located, is the only resort area of ​​Russia near this sea. The climate in this area is quite pleasant. Winters are mild and summer is relatively cool. The beauty and uniqueness of the city conquer at first sight. There are always a lot of tourists.

Where is the city of Kaliningrad

The territorial location of the city separates it from the rest of Russia. Therefore, to get to Kaliningrad is possible only by water or air.

Architectural sights of Kaliningrad

The city is rich in museums. Among them are such as drama, puppet, music, Amber Museum. As well as the Museum of the World Ocean, which is the only one in the country. Where among other exhibits dedicated to the ocean, there are research vessels and a submarine. Near the central square, excavations are carried out on the ruins of the Royal Castle, where the center of Kaliningrad is located.Tourists may follow the excavation. Maybe someday someone will be able to find traces of the Amber Room that disappeared here in 1945. After it was received as a gift by Peter the First, the room mysteriously disappeared, then appeared in other places. But the last time she was seen was in the Royal Castle.

Once in the Amber Museum, you can feel like a hero of a fairy tale about a treasure island or the mistress of a stone mountain. Presented exhibits look like a mountain of treasures made of precious stones. And the fine work amazes with the skill of their creators.

Where is the city of Kaliningrad

The fish village, built in the old German style, also keeps monuments to famous people associated with the history of the city. Fortresses and numerous city gates make you plunge into the atmosphere of ancient cities. Walking through the streets, it is easy to forget that you are in Russia. After all, Kaliningrad is strikingly different from the rest of the country, more reminiscent of ancient European cities.

But despite the shade of antiquity in architecture, the city is not inferior to other modern capitals. There are fashion boutiques and fabulous restaurants, shopping centers and bars for young people, as well as coffee houses for couples in love. Kaliningrad is able to replace many European cities for tourists.

Beautiful places

Kaliningrad is endowed with rich nature and many of its attractions are connected with this. The Curonian Spit Park, located on the shores of the Baltic where the city of Kaliningrad is located, is striking with its natural beauty.

Where is Kaliningrad

Part of the city may resemble romantic Venice. Due to the location of the river, which flows into the bay where Kaliningrad is located. There is really a lot of water around, which is connected with the presence of several large reservoirs at once. In the city itself there are many natural areas and places for recreation. This is the Lower and Upper Pond, a zoo with many unusual animals, various parks.

Travel to this unusual city will not leave anyone indifferent. Kaliningrad will give all its guests magical memories of city streets, ancient castles and fabulously beautiful places.

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