Where to relax in Vietnam with children?

Traveling has always been a great way to relieve stress, relax and forget about current problems. For many working people, the opportunity to go somewhere gives some incentive to work and earn money. Indeed, travel helps to feel happy, to see how others live, to observe their traditions and customs. Isn't this a real happiness? If you have children and you take them with you to visit this or that place - you contribute to their development, expansion of horizons, cultivate in them curiosity and interest in what happens to them.

where to relax in vietnam

As a rule, those guys who travel with their parents are much more attentive, sensitive and curious. Not a single book, not a single literary work, no matter how skillfully it is written, would not give so much pleasant sensations and knowledge.

Vietnam. The capital of the country is Hanoi

In this article we will talk about Vietnam. The indisputable advantage of the state is that it is warm almost all year round. It is also a very picturesque country with incredible landscapes and amazingly beautiful nature.So where to relax in Vietnam? Let us try in detail and carefully approach the consideration of this issue. First of all, I would like to say about the capital of this country - the city of Hanoi. If you have the opportunity to visit him - you can be called lucky. In this city you can see a lot of unique architectural structures.

where to rest thailand or vietnam

Also there are a lot of beautiful lakes that amaze the tourist with their beauty.

Nha trang

Where to relax in Vietnam, if you are interested in entertainment? Feel free to come to Nha Trang. In this city there is absolutely everything for the tourist. At night you can visit interesting discos. And if you prefer a relaxing holiday - come to a luxurious beach. It is very popular among locals and tourists.


Where to relax in Vietnam, if you prioritize various sports? In this case, you should come to Mui Ne. Russian with great pleasure to visit this place, because it is here that you can try yourself in windsurfing classes.

Phu Quoc

Well, what if you like to watch nature in a quiet place? Where to relax in Vietnam? In this case, the island of Phu Quoc will suit you.It is considered one of the most beautiful places in the country. Phu Quoc is designed for those who are tired of everyday fuss and anxiety and want to be alone with the unique nature.


The question of where to rest in Vietnam is incredibly difficult to find a definite answer. Because, as is known, everyone’s preferences are completely different and unpredictable. At the same time there is no universal place. Where better to relax in Vietnam, if you have been interested in history for a long time, you are interested in the rule of prominent historical figures and events that took place many millennia ago? In this case, it is best to visit Hue.

The whole situation of this city is literally saturated with the energy of the mysterious past. Here you can get acquainted with the monuments of architecture, palaces, mausoleums and other amazing places. Also a very interesting place is the city of Sapa. Here you can see the incredible mountains, landscapes, fields, from the beauty of which is breathtaking.

November holidays

It is worth noting that when choosing a place, it is worth considering the time of year. For many, the question is very relevant, where is the best time to relax in Vietnam in November? Unfortunately, although it is almost always warm in the country, in November it is not so easy to find a resort. The fact is that the water temperature during this period is not too high.

where to relax in vietnam in september

Therefore, if your vacation falls on this time, think a few times and carefully choose the right place. A good option would be Fukok. There, the weather is almost always favorable, and the air temperature is usually around 30 degrees. Also very hot weather during this period in the city of Fiethet. So, if you prefer hot weather - go boldly there.

Where better to relax in Vietnam in November, if you want to catch the warm weather and swim in the sea? An excellent choice for such preferences is the city of Fantihet. The only drawback of this wonderful place is the abundant rain. At the same time, sometimes they start quite unexpectedly. Also, the sea in this place is different in that it has quite large waves. If you do not swim very well, it is better to find something else. Now you know where to relax in Vietnam in November.

As you can see, there is no absolutely definite and absolute advice. Each city has its drawbacks and disadvantages. It all depends on what your priority is - the weather, the sea or the presence of cultural monuments. Depending on this and choose the most suitable resort.

Thailand or Vietnam. Where to rest?

Many who wish to go on a trip, ask themselves the question of where to rest better - in Thailand or Vietnam. Let's try to sort it out in detail so that you can make the appropriate choice based on all this. The climate in the countries is quite hot, but, for example, in Vietnam, the weather is more changeable. The sea in Thailand has an amazing color. But about Vietnam can not say that. Entertainment pretty monotonous in Vietnam, which can not be said about Thailand. In this sense, it is a more developed place aimed at attracting tourists. But if you prefer rest without visiting bars and restaurants, come to Vietnam.

where to relax in vietnam in november

Another important factor when choosing a place of rest is food. It should be noted that prices in Vietnam are much more affordable than in Thailand. At the same time, the food itself is somewhat similar to our Russian cuisine. In this case, the Vietnamese impose giant portions for mere pennies.

The only drawback is that in Vietnam food is simply not available. The thing is that at certain times, when the Vietnamese leave for lunch, almost everything edible disappears from the counters.As for clothing stores, Thailand wins.

Where to relax in Vietnam in October

In Vietnam, the choice is very small, you can buy something just for a pretty decent amount. But in Thailand, prices do not bite at all, but the choice is quite large.

Vietnam in October. Where should I go?

The next important issue that we will address in this article will be the question of where to rest in Vietnam in October. As a rule, it often rains in the country at this time. The most unpleasant moment in this period is that typhoons periodically fall on the country. Of course, it looks pretty amazing. You can record this moment on video, and then show it to your friends. The negative side of this phenomenon is that, as a rule, you cannot swim after a typhoon. Water immediately becomes dirty, muddy.

Going to the central part in October is not a good idea. Because often there is a storm that can even pose some danger to life and health. A very good option would be to visit the city of Halong. Firstly, during this period it is very hot there, and also the sea is very warm and pleasant.In addition, it is very unlikely that you will find there is some unpleasant natural phenomenon, like a typhoon. Based on everything we wrote earlier, it should be noted that Vietnam is very diverse. Therefore, before choosing a suitable place, read the information about all cities and suburbs, and only then make the appropriate decision.

Vietnam in September. Where to go with children?

Now let's try to figure out the question of where to rest in Vietnam in September. Perhaps the best option would be to visit the city of Sapa. There at this time is very warm weather, and there is no torrential rains, unlike other areas. In the south of Vietnam it rains all day long. So a trip to the southern regions is not the best option. In the center of this country in September, the weather is relatively good. The weather changes significantly by the end of the month - the waves become very large. Therefore, rest can be spoiled.

where better to relax in vietnam in november

Great vacation can be organized in Mui Ne. There is always warm and sunny during this period. In addition, there are very good beaches.

Vietnam in December. Where to go with children?

Now let's talk about where to relax in Vietnam in December. So, perhaps the most ideal option is rightly considered a holiday in Mui Ne. The weather at this time there is just great. Also in this place is incredibly qualitatively organized leisure by local tourists.

Also a good choice would be visiting Phu Quoc Island. There is almost no rain here at this time, and the weather is very favorable. Now let's try to figure out where you shouldn't go this month. Not very favorable weather in this period is in Hanoi. It is very cool there. And here, for example, in the city of Da Nang during this period it constantly rains. Of course, it is best to look closely at the territories that are located in the south. It is almost always hot there at this time. By the way, if you have plans to visit Vietnam, you should say that in December there are New Year holidays.

The Vietnamese celebrate Christmas on December 25th. Therefore, passing through the streets, you can see the happy faces of the kids in an embrace with Santa Claus, counters with gifts and, of course, nicely decorated streets.

where better to relax in vietnam

Also at the end of this winter month there is a festival of flowers.This is a great chance to see the incredible beauty of the plant. Having been at the festival, you can get acquainted with the work of different nationalities. The fact is that this competition has an international scale, so it’s really worth visiting.


In this article we tried to consider all that concerns the holiday in Vietnam. As we found out, this country has a rich culture, the presence of many interesting monuments of architecture, and most importantly - it has a very favorable climate. Yes, of course, it often happens that tourists come in the rainy season. Therefore, it is worthwhile to look in advance the weather forecast It is not difficult. Practically for everyone, including children, in Vietnam there will be a way and opportunity for leisure activities. It can be a visit to various museums, of which there are plenty in this country, festivals and competitions. It can also be a quiet holiday on the beach alone with wildlife.

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