White kitchen in the interior (photo)

The colorfulness that exists in nature, not only pleases the eye, but also has a great psychological impact on our emotional state, mood, and even health. Each color and its shade has its own symbolism and meaning. Therefore, it is important to carefully treat them and choose the right. For example, when buying a new furniture, design of living space, design of an apartment or room.

In this article we consider the most comfortable place in the house where the whole family likes to gather at the table. And let's talk about it in relation to only one base color. So, the theme of our article will be white kitchen in the interior. Is this good or not? What does white color tell us? How does it affect us?

White symbolism

This color has always been associated with purity, freshness, innocence, novelty. No wonder the bride go down the aisle in a white dress, doctors wear white robes. It is always the birth of something new: mother's milk, an egg. The famous expression “start with a clean slate” is also from this series. In some countries, for example, in Africa, priests wore clothes of this color. It is a kind of symbol of holiness and magic.Despite the fact that white is colorless, it absorbs all the colors.

white kitchen

White kitchen interior: practicality or beauty

For a long time, design options in this color were considered elite. Indeed, the white kitchen has always looked elegant and rich, which is relevant now. There is some kind of positive energy and purity in it. And some of the impracticality of white color fully pays off with its beauty, style and sophistication.

Realizing that the white kitchen will require them to more carefully monitor the cleanliness (after all, even a small speck of coffee will be visible on the tabletop of this color), the hostesses still often choose such options. After all, they successfully combines romance and elegance. A range of modern detergents and the materials from which the kitchen is made, make the cleaning process easy and easy.

A small addition to the above: a white kitchen is appropriate when all the other rooms in the apartment are full of colorful variety. In this case, you can relax and rest in this particular corner.

Add color paints

Any woman knows that white is incredibly refreshing.This also applies to the design of the kitchen space.

In addition, the white kitchen in the interior is universal. This color is harmoniously combined with any other and makes the room even brighter. It is ideal to combine it with colors such as red, orange, black, pink, green, blue.

white kitchen photo

Remember that using only white color, its oversupply, may look dull and somewhat faceless. And then your kitchen runs the risk of becoming a hospital ward. And it almost always causes not very pleasant emotions. Do not be afraid to add color. Bright details and color spots against the background of the main white headset will look festive and stylish.

For example, multi-colored flower pots with greenery placed in different places, bright crockery, paintings, expressive panels, decorative stickers on various kitchen surfaces uniquely diversify the interior. You can also hang motley curtains with juicy fruits as a picture or put plastic chairs in several colors.

All these techniques and accessories help to dilute the base color, give character to the room. Sadness and despondency on the owners will never catch up with such a white kitchen.Photos of similar examples are in our article.

white kitchen in the interior

Of course, these details should be properly distributed throughout the space, and not accumulate in one place.

The most radical and complex options are colored aprons, cabinet doors, household appliances, walls in other color combinations.

Only choosing such a design, beware of glut. Everything should be in moderation. Do not forget which color should remain basic and prevail over all others.

Shades of white

The versatility of this color is not only in the ability to be combined with others. There is a huge variety of shades with beautiful and delicate names: ivory, sea shell color, baked milk, cream, pearls, mother of pearl and others. It is worth competently to use it, and then the white kitchen will play, heal a bright life. After all, each option gives its effect, brings its own flavor to the interior. Choose your soul so that color always pleases and creates a great mood.

glossy white kitchen

Small square

Until now, there are many houses, both built a long time, and modern, in which the room for cooking and eating has very limited size.But there is a way out of this situation. If you want to visually expand the space of a small room, then the white kitchen is perfect for you. Photos clearly show the effect of such design and fully confirm the correctness of the choice. It creates an incredible sense of freedom and space.

To make the kitchen seem even airier, you can remove the doors from the upper cabinets, leaving the shelves open. They can put beautiful jars of spices, bright dishes, souvenirs, flowers.

Ceiling, floor and wall decoration

If you choose a white kitchen, feel free to experiment with materials. Design options and the ceiling and the floor can be very much.

First, you can continue to use white color, applying it not only to the furniture, but also to other elements. Secondly, all the walls or only one of them can be plastered with multi-colored wallpaper, and tiles can be put on the floor. In addition to tile laminate, porcelain, linoleum, self-leveling floor is possible.

white kitchen interior

As for the choice of materials for the ceiling, look at the moisture resistance indicator. For these purposes, suitable polystyrene tiles, plastic panels, traditional putty and plaster.If the ceilings are high, make a tension film. It is convenient to take care of it, and it has a long service life.

Popular form of kitchen set

The most common form of kitchen furniture is angular or L-shaped. More often it is used in small and medium-sized rooms. And again, as in the case of a small square, color comes to the rescue. The white corner kitchen looks much more interesting and larger than it is in a different color range. And the functionality of the island gives it a kitchen island, which can additionally serve as a bar. Due to this, space is saved.

In the corner itself is often placed sink or, which gradually comes into fashion, the oven. Sink in the latter case is placed near the window.

Glossy white kitchen

Such kitchen sets are becoming more common today. Special varnishes, enamels or, as an option, melamine film are applied on the particle boards and VDF. In addition, the base is thermally treated.

The glossy white kitchen is not subject to scratches, the surface is easy to wash and clean from dirt. Only this will have to be done much more often than in the case of matte surfaces.And this is probably the only negative. On the gloss, any water drops and handprints of the hands are too visible, which requires to thoroughly wash countertops and cabinets. An alternative to this inconvenience may be the use of pearlescent gloss.

white corner kitchen

The mirror effect combined with white color further expands the boundaries of kitchen space. Although in fact its razmeta remain the same. Flirty shine adds extra charm and style to white color. Therefore, this kitchen - just a star among other options.


Thus, we can conclude that white kitchens are an example of elegance, charm, style and good taste of the owners. Do not be afraid of this color! In the white kitchen with color accessories you will definitely be comfortable.

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