Why dream of a cat with kittens: different interpretations of sleep

Fluffy pet with little kittens causes affection. It is pleasant to take him on his hands and stroke, and it is interesting to play with the kids, because they do not sit still for a minute when they grow up a little. Many keep a cat at home and give it preference over a dog. At the same time, it is quite independent and capricious and does not always go towards the owner, unlike the latter. Why dream of a cat with kittens? Interpretations of sleep surprise their unexpected interpretation.

The total value of cats with kittens in a dream

Cat with kittens in a dream

Such a dream means numerous problems in some area of ​​life. The more kittens, the worse things are. The right way out will be to look at the behavior of your inner circle: relatives, colleagues and friends. Some of them do not wish the sleeping prosperity and well-being.

Failures will be overtaken at work, if only a cat appears in a dream, and her kids do not seem, but they let them know about meowing or noise.It remains only to understand the difficulties, hail sprinkled on the dreamer.

For the sake of justice, it should be added that problems are completely solvable, since kittens are very small cats and are not capable of causing significant evil.

Interpretation of sleep in various dream books

Basically, the interpretation of what dreams of cats and kittens are unfavorable. Such important details of sleep as the color of the cat and the number of kittens are important, but they do not significantly change the general meaning.

By Hasse

Cat with kittens in a dream

The Polish soothsayer didn’t like such visions and explained them by preparing betrayal or ingratitude from acquaintances. This was especially likely if the sleeper was feeding the cat and the kittens from the hand. Kicked out a brood from home dreamed of quarrels with relatives over money.

According to Tsvetkov

Most dreams with the cat and her babies promise unseemly actions of those around them. The darker the cat, the stronger and more angry the enemy. The snow-white family personifies the treacherous secret ill-wisher, and the reddish one is a flattering hypocrite, waiting for a chance not only to harm, but also to laugh behind the back of the dreamer.

According to Freud

Cat with kittens in a dream

Playing and stroking kittens in a dream means interest in a young partner.A frolicking cat with cubs makes it clear that the sleeper is a success with the opposite sex. If animals scratch a person, he gets pleasure from intimacy with elements of masochism.

Throwing or killing a cat is prone to sadism in real life.

By wang

According to Vanga's dream book, a cat with kittens carries a negative. A person running after them in the face of reality will encounter an unkind power person capable of starting a squabble. Many kittens in a dream foreshadows the loss of reputation and shame.

Aggressive cat shows subconscious jealousy towards the beloved. Blood on the site of a scratch or bite says that this feeling is not unreasonable.

If a cat or a kitten in a dream hurts a girl, and she does not remove her hand, then her emotional dependence on a person is evident. Black cats of any size personify enemies whose attacks will have to be reflected in real life.

By millerCat with kittens in a dream

Psychologist Gustav Miller proposed to fight in a dream with cats and chase them away. He believed that only in this way would man be able to get rid of the troubles, the coming ruin and deceit.

His interpretation, what a cat dreams of with a kitten, a woman, was to describe the failures and questionable cases that could turn into disgrace.Even worse is the situation when a girl is holding a snow-white kitten. She risks falling into a cleverly placed trap, but as a result she may emerge victorious.

A merchant who started a big deal, a cat with kittens, hints at the damage from competitors. He needs to exert all his strength and ingenuity in order to overcome hostile designs.

Kittens signify irritation from minor troubles, which you will have to fight in reality if you do not get rid of babies in a dream.

By loff

Trouble and annoying loss of money mean a cat with kittens in the dream book of Lofa. The unfamiliar animal informs the sleeper about the experiences associated with his excessive gullibility and inattention. Friends will show themselves not so good and honest, what they pretended when they first met.

If you had a dream about your own pet, then the dream reflects anxiety due to the need to make a difficult choice. Clean, well-groomed cat with kittens foreshadow the right decision, and skinny - a mistake.

By longo

A purebred cat dreams to the disappointment of a loved one who will soon show himself from a bad side.It’s not worth losing confidence in him, but it’s better to see his flaws in advance.

A cat with kittens projects the sleeper’s thoughts about the family. She does not suit him with something, but a person does not realize how to correct the situation. By killing animals, you can uncover the causes of discontent in reality.

Different situations in a dream

Cat with kittens in a dream

A completely opposite meaning carries a dream with a cat mom to a pregnant woman. If she still does not know about an interesting situation, then after what she has seen, doubts will soon dissipate.

If a woman expecting a child feeds kittens and takes care of them, in real life she will not have to worry about anything. Her well-being will be normal, and childbirth will take place safely.

A strange dream, in which cats and a snake are present at the same time, speaks of a collision with enemies. If a poisonous reptile kills kittens, they prepare an attack on the dreamer, but their machinations will not harm him. The beginning of a fight with ill-wishers is personified by a cat and a snake talking to each other. Perhaps the sleeper is trying to find out some secret to neutralize the enemy.

Abandoned, dirty cat and kittens show from above the vulnerability and vulnerability of man.The dreamer is restless and unhappy. Depending on the color of the coat and the actions of the animal, the dream gives clues about the relevant actions in reality.

Cat feeds kittens

Light cat means gifts from a loved one, his care and tenderness. A dark or black cat that feeds offspring invites a woman to be more careful - the likelihood of intrigue rival is possible.

Black, white, red cat with kittens

Cat with kittens in a dreamDream interpretation describing the causes of the appearance of cats with kittens interpret dreams in different ways due to the shade of wool. For example, a tricolor pet, symbolizing good luck in life, in a dream foreshadows fun and adventure. The more kittens, the more fun a person will spend leisure time in reality.

All interpreters of dreams are one in one - from a black cat expect trouble. If she and a kitten ran across the road to a businessman, he will receive less profit due to many small squabbles. The black kittens surrounded the person mean the ill-wishers who are nearby and waiting for the moment to attack.

The red cat with offspring speaks of the insincerity of people pretending to be sleeping friends. In fact, they are self-serving and will bring nothing but disappointments.The white family also promises to miss communication with cunning friends. Any gift from them will be a disaster.

Cat with newborn kittens

A cat with frisky babies dreams to prosper. Such a dream is especially successful for merchants, because it promises a quick turnover of finances and profit. Quietly lying kittens, on the contrary, make it clear that the imminent achievements are not expected.

A dream, where a friend gives a brood of kittens, means that he will be the cause of misunderstandings and troubles in the sleeper. To drown newborn babies foreshadows shame and decline. Monochrome babies are a sign of a dull, eventful life. Tricolor kittens indicate a strip of luck and hope for positive changes.

Dirty newborn kittens warn the dreamer about the wrong actions that could harm him. Fluffy cubs and a fat cat remove the main negative, but sleep still recommends to overestimate their behavior.

Dead kittens

People who are in any situation, sleeping with dead kittens promises changes for the better and getting rid of the current troubles. A pregnant woman will give birth to a healthy child, the patient will recover,and the businessman will stop tormenting problems with affairs. These predictions are valid if the person in the dream came across dead kittens.

If a man kills them himself, he will have to fight, in which he will prevail. Old grievances will leave, envious and flatterers will leave his closest circle, thrown to chance by chance will suddenly bear fruit. Scratching and escaping from the hands of the kitten shows that it is necessary to exert more effort to get rid of the bad luck.


The cat feeding the offspring is a pacifying sight. About your pet you want to take care and protect it. Tied to cats, people are unlikely to fall in love with the advice of dream books about killing animals, even in a dream.

Here, the most correct position seems to be the psychologist David Loff, who considers the dreams of characters and events to be a product of the personal views and preferences of the dreamer. Adorable cats, these animals are good, especially if they are as gentle as in reality. Thus, the interpretation of what the cat dreams of with kittens depends on the attitude of the person towards them in reality.

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