WiFi antenna do it yourself at home

Wireless data technology in recent years has become an integral part of life in the modern world. Many users who install a Wi-Fi system at home face the problem of signal weakness. Not always the problem is a WiFi antenna. You can do almost everything with your own hands, but before you start assembling, you need to eliminate other factors that affect the signal level.

Reason for weakening the signal

First you need to figure out what this may be connected with. The following factors can affect the signal level to one degree or another:

  • support by a router and a network card of the N standard (the former standards A, B, G are now outdated, and there is no need to wait for improvements in the speed characteristics of equipment with such standards);
  • household appliances on the signal path significantly weaken its level;
  • other wireless networks in the radius of reception also dampen the signal power (this problem can be solved by using the Wi-Fi Analyzer program);
  • there is more than one wall between the antenna of the router and the connected equipment.

For residents of apartment buildings, the elimination of the above reasons can solve the problem of a weak signal. To increase the radius of action by 15-20 cm can be placed behind the antenna screen of copper or tin plate.

how to make a wifi antenna

Residents of private households are likely to be forced to resort to more serious tricks, so that the signal is available not only in the house, but also in the courtyard.

If the elimination of these reasons did not lead to an improvement, then there are only two options: either buy a more powerful router, or go on a less expensive path, that is, a WiFi antenna must be made with your own hands. This will be the solution.

Homemade WiFi antenna

Having made the final decision, you can get to work. Below will be described in detail how to make a WiFi antenna that can enhance the signal power and, therefore, the reception range.

homemade wifi antennaThe optimal solution is a simple in terms of assembly design, which is an antenna in the form of a Khigchenko zigzag. It has many varieties, but the best is the one that consists of two conjugate squares.

Required materials and tools

For the work we need the tool and the material from which the Wi-Fi-antenna will be assembled with own hands:

  1. Single-core copper wire with a cross section of 2.5 to 3 mm.
  2. Textolite with copper coating on one side.
  3. Coaxial cable RG-6U of the desired length.
  4. Copper tube with a diameter that tightly entered the cable with a length of 5 cm with a clean screen.

Making sure that all of the above is available, you can safely proceed to manufacturing.

How is the WiFi antenna going

With our own hands, we cut a square plate with a side size of 110 mm from a textolite plate. Strictly in the center we drill a hole for a copper tube. The diameter of the hole and tube should be the same. The plate must be drilled from the side of the copper coating. Along the edges of the hole it is necessary to tin the copper surface with a soldering iron. It will be a reflector. On the copper tube from one edge we grind one side at a diameter of 2-3 mm across. We insert the tube into the reflector so that the waste part is from the side of the copper coating. The distance from the reflector to the end of the tube must be 16 mm.

Cut off 244 mm of the wire and clean it from isolation. We make surface cuts every 30.5 mm. After that, we bend the marks at right angles so that we get a similarity of the number eight.

wifi antenna do it yourselfWe solder the free ends to the very top of the tube in such a wayso that the whole part is above the ground part of the tube. To this place we also solder the central wire of the cable, having previously inserted it into the tube. We got a WiFi antenna. With our own hands, we have assembled a design that can give a signal gain of 6-8 dB.

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