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William Burrows - a popular American writer, one of the most famous authors of the United States in the second half of the XX century. Refers to the famous beat-generation. This is a unique creator who graduated from the prestigious Harvard University, at the same time became one of the founders of psychedelicism, the beatnik flagship, drug addict and killer.

Childhood and youth

Willa Burroughs was born in 1914. He was born in the town of St. Louis in Missouri. His father was the owner of a successful glass factory. He became the second child of Mortimer Burroughs and Laura Lee. He was named after his grandfather. Parents of the future writer lived in a prestigious and wealthy area of ​​the city.

Separately, it should be said about his grandfather, the famous inventor of the XIX century, who founded the largest company for the production of computer equipment called Burroughs Adding Machine Company. True, he did not succeed in getting rich, he left almost nothing for his descendants.

The young William Burroughs had an extremely quarrelsome character.Because of this, he had to change several private schools. Classmates often gave him offensive nicknames. His unformed psyche was greatly influenced by Jack Black, the American novel You Can't Win, whose main characters are criminals and drug addicts.

In 1932, the hero of our article entered Harvard University in the Faculty of English Philosophy. After receiving a diploma in 1936, he went to Vienna, where he began to study medicine. He returned to America only in 1939, for some time he studied anthropology at Harvard Graduate School, but was unable to get along in the university community.

He worked on odd jobs - he was a disinsector, a private detective, a courier and a bartender.

Carier start

Novels by William Burroughs

At the same time, William Burrows begins to write his first books. These are homosexual novels, working on which he takes drugs.

The first novel by William Burrows writes in collaboration with Jack Kerouac. It is called "And the hippos boiled in their pools." It is believed that the book is based on real events - the murder of their friend Lucien Carr David Kammerer, who harassed him.

In 1953, he released almost the autobiographical work "Dzhanki". The name of the novel is the slang for an addict who uses opium.

In the same year, William Burroughs’s book "The Fagot" is published, which is the actual sequel to "Junk". It describes the trip of the same characters to South America in search of the august plant ayahuasca.

"Naked breakfast"

Movie Dinner Naked

In his youth, William Burrows was one of the most scandalous authors of his generation. Popularity brought him the novel "Naked Breakfast". In many European countries and in the USA, he was banned because of the abundance of obscene language, descriptions of scenes of infanticide, pedophilia, and an obvious homosexual orientation. Only in 1966, after several trials, all obscenity charges were dropped. However, "Naked Breakfast" - the most famous work of William Burroughs.

In 1991, David Cronenberg took a dramatic picture of this novel called "Lunch naked."

Interestingly, the novel itself is almost devoid of a strict storyline. It begins with a description of the adventure of Agent Lee, who travels around America in search of the next dose of drugs. Throughout the story, he is being pursued by police officers. In the book, the writer claims that his drug addiction is a disease, lists in detail all the drugs that he used during this time.

Burroughs wrote it under the impression of being in the city of Tangier in Morocco, which at that time was well known for the availability of all kinds of drugs and the availability of morals. The name was suggested to him by another hipster-writer and his friend Jack Kerouac.

Reason for addiction

In fact, it is a report of a drug addict who is highly addicted. He describes his fantasies, which come under the influence of prohibited substances, reflects on the topic of non-traditional sexual orientation. Written work by the so-called "cutting method" or "mosaic method."

In this novel, Burroughs argues that the main cause of drug addiction is a person’s dependence on his environment, politics, his own family, and religion. The first publisher who decided to print it, was the French "Olympia".

Currently, the Naked Breakfast among specialists is considered one of the most significant and important literary works in America in the second half of the 20th century. Many critics point out that it was in him at Berroughs that genius woke up.

Damned matriarchy. All matriarchs are anti-homosexual, conformal and prosaic.As soon as you find yourself in such a matriarchy - very carefully begin to move to the nearest border, but not running. If you run, some frustrated hidden fagot Pharaoh will probably shoot you.

Here is just one of the quotes from William Burroughs. On it you can get an idea of ​​the language and features of this work.

Relatives turned away from Burroughs, who was constantly in a narcotic delirium. For a time he had to go to Mexico. At this time, he commits a huge number of offenses, the murder committed by him becomes the apotheosis.

Personal life

Photo by William Burroughs

Talking about the relationship Burroughs, you need to start from the 30s. Arriving in Austria, he was inspired by the ideas of anti-fascism, and even married a Jewish woman whose name was Ilse Klapper. It is believed that the writer did this only in order to take her to America and save her from the German concentration camp.

In 1939 in Chicago, he became interested in a young man whose name was Jack Anderson. In pursuing it, Burroughs sought to hit Anderson by any means, cutting off even the tip of his own little finger for this.

This relationship ended with the hospitalization of the hero of our article.He was taken to Payne-Whitney Mental Hospital. Burroughs used deviations in his psyche before, so as not to serve in the American army.

In 1944, he met Joan Volmer, who became his common-law spouse. Three years later they had a son, who was named William. In 1951, when Burroughs and Walmer were in Mexico, he killed her at a party.

At the height of the fun, Burroughs told his acquaintances that he wanted to go to South America to live there, hunting for food. When she heard such bluster, Joan noted that in this case they would have been starving with him for a couple. According to the most common version, after that he asked Volmer to put a glass on his head. Being in a state of severe intoxication, he shot and fell right in the forehead of his wife. William Burrows was arrested, but spent only two weeks in a Mexican prison. According to rumors, his brother bribed officials, that released on bail.

In the US, he got off with a suspended sentence for murder through negligence. The writer himself noted that this incident predetermined his future as a writer. In the novel "Fagot", he admits that if he had not killed his wife, he would never have turned into a prose writer. He claimed that at the time the crime was committed, a certain spirit was guiding his actions.He was forced to start writing to overcome it.

His son died in 1981 from cirrhosis of the liver.

In 1975, 61-year-old William Burroughs, whose photo you find in this article, met James Grauerholz. Over the next twenty years, he was actually the closest friend of the writer, as well as his nurse and secretary.

"Cut method"

Books by William Burroughs

Burroughs actively used the “cutting method” in the novel “A naked breakfast found its followers. And not only in literature. This method was used as a basis for sampling music, Nirvana band actively uses it. Burroughs

The same method can be traced when writing later novels as the hero of our article. In the 1960s, his "Trilogy is new." It opens the novel "Soft car". In the context of the work, the human body itself is so called. The main theme is the defeat of the body with all kinds of instruments of control.

The second novel is "The ticket that has burst." In it, Agent Lee is trying to detect and destroy the methods of secret mind control of people who use some organization called "Banda Nova".William Burroughs, whose biography is in this article, writes a lot about ways of manipulating the mind in electronic, mental, subconscious and sexual ways.

The trilogy is completed with the novel Nova Express, in which there is no plot. At the same time, the books influenced the emergence of the cyberpunk genre, and in the last work the term "heavy metal" was used for the first time.

The London Trilogy

Works of William Burroughs

In the 70s, Burroughs wrote the London Trilogy. She opens the novel "Wild Boys" about juvenile marauders. It is known that the British rock musician David Bowie, on the basis of this book, created his own image by copying the clothes and hairstyle of the main characters.

It is also worth noting one of the shortest novels of the writer "Port of Saints", completing this trilogy. It features cross-cutting characters from other Burroughs works, as well as new heroes, who then migrated to his next books.

In fact, this is an erotic fantasy in which several plot lines are intertwined. In particular, it tells about a group of people who are trying to change the story, traveling in time.


Biography of William Burroughs

Burrows in this period of his work writes many stories and essays. The most memorable of them are “Ruski”, “The Book of Breath”, “Here is Ah Puig”, “Tornado Alley”.

In the 1980s, another of his trilogy, known under the name "Cities of the Red Night", is released. It opens the eponymous novel, which describes six fictional cities. They contain many allusions to real communities in Mexico, the United States and Morocco, in which the author has been. When describing them, Burroughs constantly mentions a terrible sex-related virus that destroys humanity. Interestingly, the book was published before the first case of AIDS detection.

At the heart of the novel "The Space of the Dead Roads" is the story of the shooter from the Wild West, who is a homosexual. The author pays a lot of attention to time travel and firearms. Interestingly, many modern technologies are described here, which became apparent to humanity only a quarter of a century later. These are biotechnologies, cloning, cyber control.

The novel "Western Lands" is considered the best late work of William Burroughs.According to reviews, this is the second book on the level after the "Naked Lunch".

"Cat inside"

In 1986, the writer released an autobiographical novel in which Burrows confesses his love for cats.

In this book is written in sad colors, the hero of our article recalls the many cats that have lived with him for many years. Separately, he pays attention to animal abuse.

In 1991, he released his penultimate novel, The Ghost Chance, which takes place in Madagascar. In it, he analyzes the relationship of man to nature in a pessimistic way.

Last novel

Burrows and Ginsberg

The last novel is the memoir "My education: the book of dreams."

After that, Burroughs switched to sound books audiobooks.

Death writer

Burroughs lived a long life for a man who abused promiscuous sex and had been taking hard drugs for 15 years.

He died in August 1997 of myocardial infarction in the town of Lawrence in Kansas. He was 83 years old.

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