Winter clothes Tokka Tribe: reviews, assortment, models and features

Stylish children's clothing buyers have only the best, as it is of high quality and excellent style. A wide range of winter clothes is suitable for the most severe frosty winters, since all models are warmed.

tokka tribe reviewsModern overalls from Tokka Tribe are notable for their practicality, interesting color solutions and stylish Scandinavian design.

Features of children's winter clothes Tokka Tribe

The Tokka Tribe company is a brand that is very popular in Russia and many foreign countries. The company is engaged in the tailoring of outerwear for children from the moment of birth to 12 years, and at the same time all safety requirements are taken into account.

tokka tribe rompers winter reviewsThe Tokka Tribe apparel has the most positive reviews, as a multifunctional high-quality cut ensures the maximum level of comfort for the child when wearing. The original and convenient design allows you to fully satisfy all the existing needs of children and their parents.Among the useful and pleasant additions it is quite possible to distinguish:

  • the presence of adjustable velcro;
  • the big convenient warmed hood;
  • reflective elements.

bib overalls tokka tribe reviewsMuch attention is paid to the quality of the materials used. The top layer of the jumpsuit is made of natural polyester with special impregnation, which is guaranteed to provide the best possible protection against the weather. Innovative materials, characterized by good thermal characteristics, are used as insulators, but they are fairly light.

The main advantages of children's winter clothes Tokka Tribe

Overalls winter customer reviews deserve approving, as it is very warm and has a low weight. Dense insulated winter overalls weigh only 350 grams, so they can be worn even with the most severe frosts. They have many advantages, which is why many parents and children like it. Among the main advantages are the following:

jumpsuit tokka tribe pink reviewsThe upper fabric is very durable; it retains its good appearance even after several washes. That is why, the overalls can be easily washed even in a washing machine.An interesting design immediately attracts attention, which makes it possible to choose a stylish option for each kid. Among the wide range of perfectly everyone can find what he needs.

Modern functional clothes

The Tokka Tribe Company, the reviews about which speak for themselves, have for a long time been producing stylish and warm outerwear for children of different age categories. Leading designers develop separate collections for boys and girls. All clothes are divided into several groups, namely:

  • from birth to two years;
  • from 2 to 6 years;
  • from 7 to 12 years.

tokka tribe reviewsThe well-known Finnish brand of children's clothing offers a variety of options for overalls, which are made of high quality materials. An excellent choice for a newborn girl can be the envelope-jumpsuit Tokka Tribe pink, reviews of which make you think about purchasing it. It can easily be transformed from an envelope into a functional overalls. The envelope is suitable for babies up to 68 centimeters. And when the child begins to sit, the product is easily transformed into a jumpsuit.

For older children, you can purchase the Tokka Tribe bib overall, reviews about which many parents leave laudatory. A feature of such clothing is that it is complemented by detachable shoulder straps and snow-resistant cuffs located along the edge of the trousers. Convenient functional straps help adjust the length of the product as it will be convenient for the baby.

tokka tribe pants reviews
It is advisable to wear semi-overalls together with a warm jacket from the Tokka Tribe company. It is suitable even for the most severe winters. Almost all models have a convenient detachable hood. The jacket together with the semi-overalls form a very beautiful and comfortable set that looks great on the little fashionistas.

Stylish overalls for children

The Tokka Tribe Company has deserved feedback thanks to a quality approach to its work. She offers customers a wide range of children's clothing. A rather interesting option is considered to be a demi-season jumpsuit that can be worn at any time of year, as it has a detachable lining and a hood. High-quality polyester is used as insulation for this model, which allows it to be worn even at very low temperatures.

For younger children, an overalls with ears can be an interesting option. Stylish stripes in the form of hare or mouse ears are visible in all models of envelopes, overalls. For regular walks in the cool time, a well-fitting jumpsuit that will protect the child even during active movements thanks to the cut features is well suited.

The color scheme of children's clothing

The Finnish company Tokka Tribe offers its customers a variety of colors and prints available. She makes clothes for girls and boys. Original and colorful drawings will not leave indifferent children and parents. For girls, overalls are produced in pink color, decorated with various prints, which immediately attract attention.

bib overalls tokka tribe reviewsStylish clothing designed for boys is striking in its diversity. The model decorated with funny multi-colored penguins looks very extraordinary. Cartoon birds are dressed in sweaters of different colors, which gives the product a special charm. Originally looks like a blue jumpsuit, complete with a picture of bears.

Jackets and pants

For older children, suits that come with a jacket and Tokka Tribe pants are perfect. Reviews of these products deserve special attention, as many parents consider them to be simply the ideal choice for children. Such kits are convenient because you can easily change a jacket or pants as your child grows.

These sets of clothes are not very large layer of insulation, which is why they are designed for sports. The jacket is made of special water-repellent fabric, it has functional pockets and a detachable hood. Pants resemble semi-overalls, as they are complemented by detachable straps and special cuffs that repel snow.

hat tokka tribe reviews

In addition, you can choose a stylish coat that has a knee-length and is decorated with faux fur. Such products will not leave indifferent fashionistas.

Caps and other accessories

In addition to outerwear, Tokka Tribe offers comfortable and functional warm accessories. The Tokka Tribe hat deserves special attention, reviews of which encourage you to purchase this convenient and high-quality product. Velcro fastened with velcro and well covers the cheeks, forehead and neck.It is very warm, but breathable, which is an excellent option for active children. Its outer fabric is quite durable and well protects even from strong gusts of wind.

Boots from the company Tokka Tribe

The company produces not only stylish and functional clothing, but also original practical shoes. The Tokka Tribe boots look very interesting, the reviews about which are the most positive. Footwear compares favorably with products of many other well-known brands.

tokko tribe boots reviewsThanks to the water-repellent outer material, insulation and high-quality firmware, the boots will last for a long time, and with them you can be completely sure that your feet will stay warm. They will protect the child from cold and moisture, so are great for winter and off-season. This is an excellent choice for children, as their legs will always be under reliable protection.

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