Writing about the book: how to write

We all wrote essays at school. Someone succeeded better, someone worse. Some adored the lessons of the Russian language, but for others writing similar works were a living hell. What is the reason?

Most often, the problem lies in the fact that the child simply does not know how to competently express his thoughts, and this is practically the most important thing in an essay. Therefore, a child from elementary school must be taught to properly cope with written work.

As an example, consider an essay about the book.

writing about the book

Why this particular topic?

Since we decided that the child should be taught to perform written work right away, we took the topic is not difficult - about favorite books. And it’s not so important whether your child reads through the days or doesn’t really like any books. For us the main thing is to understand the principle of writing essays.

In addition, it is important to understand that this topic is a hybrid of 2 different types of essays. The first is a writing-reasoning.There is nothing complicated in it and the child needs only to state his thoughts, to reason.

The second is an essay-analysis. Since we will consider any book, in any case, its plot will be necessary to analyze. Thus, we will kill two birds with one stone - we will learn to write essays of different types.

Well, and now let's figure out what we need in order to start an essay about a book.

writing about your favorite book

What is required?

The first step is to prepare the selected book. It is desirable that she was loved by the child, or simply liked him. It is also important that the student has already read it himself and well remembered the plot of the work.

The parent should also know the content of the book. Well, if you read it with your child or you know the plot well. However, if you do not have enough time for this, then a brief summary is perfect. It will not only refresh your memory, but it will also help your child, since all the most important things are always highlighted in brief contents.

And, of course, we will need a draft in which we will take the main notes. Now you can start working on an essay about a book.

write an essay about a book

We work on the structure

The most important thing a student must learn is the principle of the structure of any essay. A parent can explain it with a simple example.

We all know that each piece has a plot, a climax and a denouement. In the composition in the same way, only the names of these parts are slightly changed: introduction, main part and conclusion.

Parsing each part

What are they like?

  • The introduction is the very first part, the beginning, in which the student should briefly describe the essence of his essay about the book. He must lay the foundation here, designate the author of the book and write the title of the work itself. Also in this part you can briefly write the reason why the child chose this particular work. Entry should not be too big - only 3-4 sentences.
  • The main part is the main one. This is understandable, because in it a schoolboy must fully state all his thoughts, give examples, quotes from the book, and argue his opinion. The main part takes about 1/2 of the entire text. It is important that this part should have its own logic and all thoughts of the child should be presented consistently, and not jump from one to another.
  • Conclusion is also an important part. Here it is necessary to summarize the essay about the book, advise it to read, or leave its recommendation. The conclusion is approximately equal to the entry volume.

Once you understand the structure of the text, you can proceed to work on the very statement.

composition of the argument about the book

Work plan

Now let's try to make a plan of an essay about your favorite book. You must understand that it may include various points and questions that the child must answer. We give an approximate example of how the plan should look, and you, in turn, can make new points, expand it and do everything to make the essay as varied as possible, and the topic to be revealed.

  1. The author of the book, the name of the work. Brief biography of the writer.
  2. Why was this particular book hooked me up?
  3. Description of the main characters and their interaction.
  4. A brief retelling of the plot and the main idea of ​​the work. Using quotes.
  5. A small analysis, highlighting the main idea laid by the author.
  6. The reasoning over the ending of the book, the fate of the characters.
  7. Summing up, the statement of personal evaluation for the work.
  8. Recommendation to read.

Also, the child must remember that every thought he must argue.

That's it. As it turned out, writing an essay about a book is not so difficult. The most important thing is to memorize the basics of writing such works, learn how to properly express your thoughts and reason, analyze works. Also, do not forget to follow the literacy and punctuation - this is also an important component of any essay. Well, when the work is already completed, it remains only to read your essay once more, identify errors and correct them, and then wait only for a high mark!

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