Yuri Tarasov - a talented Russian film actor

A talented Russian actor Yuri Germanovich Tarasov was born in 1977, June 16, in Leningrad. He grew up in the most ordinary family, who lived in a simple apartment in a quiet area of ​​Moscow. Future theater and film actor graduated from the Academy of Theater Arts in St. Petersburg after school. In his student years he managed to master a couple more professions, ranging from electrician to radio host. Even while studying at the Academy, he was already predicted glory and recognition.

Yuri Tarasov

The creator of the new theater

As a young and ambitious student, he created a new theater called “Our Theater”. This idea was supported by the teacher Lev Stukalov and in every possible way helped him in development in order to open the doors for the audience.

The first performance, which was staged in "Our Theater", was called "Liperiada". In it, the actor made his debut as a lieutenant. He is now the main actor of this place. After he took part in the performances: “Spirid”, “The Case of Cornet”, “Hallelujah Kind People”, “Player”.

The first roles of Tarasov

Yuri Tarasov - an actor who preferred to play not only in the theater, he also dreamed of trying his hand at cinema. Filming in movies and TV shows quite captivated him, but he did not regret for a second that he preferred the shooting area.

Very often he is given courageous roles, where he shows strength, quickness and iron grip. His name is to be shot in almost all Russian militants and action games.

Yuri Tarasov filmography

There he plays bright strong-willed characters, military, operatives and just heroic men. Since that time, despite the young years, has appeared in 6 films. Yuri began to try in the cinema in 1993, where he managed to play his first role in the film "Window to Paris". There he played a boy-speaker who was a student of Chizhov.

Yuri Tarasov - movies, where he took part

Our hero often plays in the cinema than in the theater, and preferably it is action films, dramas and crime scenes. After a phenomenal debut, she starred in the television series Empire Under Attack. Then came the famous TV series "Streets of Broken Lanterns", "Deadly Power". Thanks to these projects, its demand has increased dramatically.

Literally a year later, he was offered the role of Rezakov in the TV series “Gangster Petersburg 3”. At this stage, the actor’s career is developing quite successfully, he is being removed in almost all action-TV series. The actor himself admits that most of all he loves military subjects and he likes to play powerful personalities.

In the last series called "Mosgaz" he played a major role in the image of a pissed off and stern man. Among his works are voices of heroes in cartoons. In 2001, Yuri took part in the TV series “Escape”, “Kitchen”, “MU.R.”, “Watch of Love”.

Yuri Tarasov actor

The natural makings of an actor, his small stature, agility, mobility look harmoniously in frames that are associated with action games, so invitations are received regularly.

In addition to acting, Yuri Tarasov is actively involved in sports: karate and acrobatics. Also loves walking on rollers and a bike. Sports lifestyle for our hero is the key to success in everything.

What pictures famous actor?

Yuri Tarasov, the filmography of which is quite impressive, talented and, one can say, is one of a kind. The actor has repeatedly shown his skill, therefore, in order to get to know him, we present to your attention a list of the pictures where Yuri starred:

  1. 1993 “Window to Paris” - orator boy.
  2. 1999 "One love of my soul" - Pushkin.
  3. From 1999 to 2007, the Legend of the Golden Age. The role of Alexander Pushkin.
  4. 2000 “Empire under attack” - Solomon Yankelevich Ryss (Mortimer).
  5. From 1999 to 2007, the shooting of the television series "Gangster Petersburg". He played the role of Vadik Rezakov, opera.
  6. From 2002 to 2003 he took part in the series “Special Forces”. Was a passenger plane.
  7. From 2004 to 2007, she appeared in the television series Opera. Chronicles of the Slaughter Department "- Ivan Companion.
  8. 2005 TV series "Poluumgl". The role of Gregory Anokhin.
  9. From 2008 to 2014, he played in the seral "Ment in Law" - Platon Shvedov, a major, an officer of the ROVD Bitovo.
  10. In 2008, he starred in the serials "Red" (the role of Max, Stas' friend); "Gold of Troy" - Antoine Dyutey, doctor.
  11. From 2010 to 2012, the series “Escape”. Played Konstantin Galdayev.
  12. From 2012 to 2016 in the popular television series "Kitchen". Performed by Sergey Vladimirovich.
  13. In 2012 he took part in the series "Mosgaz". The role is Nikita Pozhidaev, Major MUR.
  14. In 2013 - the series "Brave". Bob Kowalski is a swindler.
  15. In 2014 - “Family Business” - Nikolay.
  16. In 2014, he played in the TV series “No Random Meeting” - the role of Mitya Ivanov, the captain of the criminal investigation department.
  17. In 2015 - “Spider” - Pozhidaev.
  18. In 2015, he starred in the film “The guy from our cemetery”, played the role of a district police officer.
  19. In 2015, he played in the series “The Executioner” - the role of Nikita Pozhidaev, Major MUR.
  20. In 2016, the "Jackal" - Nikita Pozhidaev.

yuri tarasov movies

Tarasov's preferences - action movies, crime scenes

Speaking of films and TV shows of this talented versatile actor, one can count many of his images, which he played amazingly. He displays all his roles with his characteristic talent, charm and sincerity. He is so accustomed to the role that it is impossible not to believe, because of this he is popular and in demand in the Russian film industry. Especially it concerns those pictures where he plays harsh operas, majors or just military commanders.

For his amazing fair play, it is impossible not to love him, so we wish Yuri creative success, more positive roles.

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